Understanding Weight Equivalents When Cooking

a kitchen scale and food items on a table

Thanks to the internet and all the cooking shows, now we have a plethora of recipes available at our fingertips. But sometimes, a recipe from outside your country or region might leave you scratching your head, wondering how many cups are in a tablespoon and vice versa. Some countries use imperial measurements … Read more

Number of Servings in a Handful of Green Onions

whole green onions

Green onions are often regarded as one of the most important ingredients in a variety of dishes created or invented around the world. The popularity of the green onion is mainly attributed to its attractive appearance that adds a vibrant green color to dishes, as well as its crunchy texture and unique … Read more

Weight Equivalents

Looking at recipes and trying to determine how much of an ingredient is needed can be hard. How much is a bunch? How many eggs in a cup? How many onions to a cup? Garlic to a tablespoon? While the information presented here is not a complete reference, nor is it a … Read more