Top 5 Asian Dishes You Can Easily Make At Home

Asian cuisine has taken the culinary space by storm with its exceptional, diverse flavors, healthy ingredients, and vibrant colors. Knowing that you hardly need to dine at any restaurant to enjoy these dishes is even more attractive. All you need is the right ingredients and a clear preparation guide. This will help you recreate your favorite Asian dishes without visiting any restaurant. Here are the top five meals you could try making at home.


This iconic Japanese noodle soup comes in various forms, each with its unique toppings and broth intensity. The first type is the creamy and rich pork bone broth (tonkotsu). The soy sauce-based broth is your pick if you’re looking for a lighter, clearer soup. Preparing a comforting bowl of ramen can be easy and fun when you assemble all the ingredients you need first.

Begin by simmering the pork bones or chicken with onions, ginger, and garlic to make the broth flavorful. Follow the ramen noodles instructions and prepare the toppings well, including sliced pork, green onions, or soft-boiled eggs. If you don’t want to do the preparation, you can buy ramen online, but it’s crucial to target credible platforms. You want to be sure of quality and safety as a consumer. Compare the different sauces and dressing kits as you go through the collection.

Sushi Rolls

Also called makizushi, this Japanese dish can be prepared in many ways. There are several types of sushi, such as thin rolls (traditional hosomaki) and thick rolls (futomaki). If you are interested in n inside-out rolls, try the uramaki type. You can use different ingredients, from vegetables and fruits to fresh fish. Preparing these sushi rolls involves the following steps;

  • Cook the sushi rice
  • Season with vinegar, salt, and sugar mix
  • Lay on a sheet of seaweed (nori) and spread the seasoned rice uniformity
  • Add desired fillings
  • Roll the sushi tightly and slice

For a much more authentic experience, you can serve sushi with wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger.

Pad Thai

This culinary delight has gained popularity through its savory, slightly sweet flavors and tangy feel. It consists of eggs, shrimp or tofu, stir-fried rice noodles, and a medley of vegetables. This combination creates a complex flavor profile, which makes it exceptional.

First, prepare the stir-fried noodle rice, then add the ingredients such as shallots, garlic, chicken or tofu, and shrimp. Heat the oil in a large frying pan or wok and cook your preferred protein. Add the vegetables and noodles before pouring the sauce you previously made with tamarind paste, sugar, chili powder, and fish sauce. The final step is garnishing with chopped peanuts, lemon squeezes, and bean sprouts.


You have different types of dumplings, starting with the Korean mandu and Chinese Jiaozi. Learn more about distinctive ingredients for each and unique variations to try. Feel free to fill these pockets with different ingredients, such as pork, chicken, vegetables and seafood.

Making the dumplings begins with preparing the dough and letting it rest for at least two hours. Then, roll it out into thin wrappers, which you’ll fill with your preferred mixture. Be thorough when folding and sealing before pan-frying or steaming.

Fried Rice

This dish is a staple in many Asian homes and is infamous for its versatility and simplicity. It can also be a creative way of using leftover rice and vegetables, giving a frugal twist to your meals. Try different spices and herbs to make it more nutritious.

Anyone can make restaurant-grade fried rice at home. Start by heating the oil in a wok or large pan. Add garlic, onions, and protein, such as shrimp or chicken. After thorough cooking, put the ingredients to one side and scramble several eggs in the pan’s center. Add cooked rice, vegetables, and soy sauce. Keep stirring to attain a perfectly cooked, uniform mix. Finish with chopped green onions and sesame oil for a delightful taste.


Making Asian dishes at home is easy when you know the proper procedures and get all the necessary ingredients. This will enrich your meal preparations while benefiting from more nutrients. Be careful with all the steps to attain the desired taste.