Benefits of eating Vietnamese food

While searching for a restaurant, you might feel like choosing between health and taste. Fortunately, Vietnamese food has solved this problem for you! This Cuisine includes a wide variety of dishes and flavors with all the healthy goodness. If you are interested to know why you should try Vietnamese food and how it can help your body, then read till the end to find out.

Why is Vietnamese Food Healthy Choice?

Vietnamese cuisine is considered as one of the most balanced and healthy foods in the world. Its dishes cover the dietary needs of a body, including proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals and vitamins. All these good nutrients are a foundation of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

The way of consuming food is also a significant factor which can impact the nutritional value of a dish. For instance, using more dishes, eating with chopsticks and sharing with other people help you eat slowly, chew food longer and better digestion. The great thing is that; Vietnamese food doesn’t overload the digestive system because it mainly consists of leafy green vegetables, herbs, soup and very less amount of oil. It is lightweight yet filling. 

Which Vietnamese Dish is the Healthiest of All?

The fact is, all Vietnamese meals have their own nutritional value and it varies in every dish, depending on the type and quantity of ingredients. If you want one name of the most healthy Vietnamese dish, then it would be pho. It is a popular recipe in Vietnam that is packed with the goodness of organic ingredients including soup, spring rolls, fruits, clay pot dishes, vegetable salads, fruit juices, rice dishes and meat or fish cooked in sauce.

What Are the Advantages of Consuming Vietnamese Food?

In the world of junk food and fizzy drinks, a Cuisine like Vietnamese is a hope for those who are fighting with  health issues and want to change their lifestyle through diet. Are you one of them? Mentioned below points will definitely convince you to try out Vietnamese food as soon as now!

1. Vietnamese food can delay ageing signs

With modern fitness standards, it has become possible to delay ageing, but for that you must have plenty of antioxidants in your diet. Luckily, Vietnamese food is one of the best choices when it comes to consuming antioxidants. The traditional salads and soups included in the cuisine are enriched with Vitamins E and A. Vitamin E slows the process of ageing by fighting free radicals in your body and Vitamin A serves as a healing agent for any kind of scrapes, scars, and wrinkles.

Moreover, Vietnamese people use fresh herbs, vegetables, lean meat, and fresh spices to prepare food. All these ingredients subsequently add antioxidants to your diet that is an imperative part of a younger looking skin. 

2. It boosts the immune system 

Most of the Vietnamese dishes include soups, and one important component of soup is stock. It takes at least 10 hours to prepare this stock and then different vegetables are used to add flavor. The complex mixture of these vegetables is loaded with vitamins C, B3, and B6, folate, magnesium, and iron. This soup stock is not just extremely healthy but it serves an impeccable taste as well. Its nutrients boost your overall immune system with time, so you can live healthily. For example, a Vietnamese superfood is Pho, a type of soup with noodles and some meat chunks. People like it very much because of its taste and healthy benefits. It can be added to salads as well. 

Almost all of the Vietnamese dishes come with jam-packed nutrients and high dose of vitamins and minerals which can build up immunity in you and fight off any kind of fatigue or weakness. Traditional Vietnamese food doesn’t have a lot of trans fats, so it can be eaten by anyone who is on a diet. 

3. It helps with regulating blood sugar

Gluten could be problematic for a lot of people because it raises blood sugar. Gluten can be found in carb foods mainly something made from wheat flour. However, you will be glad to know that Vietnamese food is gluten-free. All of its noodles are made with rice, multiple vegetables and protein sources. This alteration allows the people to eat healthy food that doesn’t contain wheat at all. As compare of wheat; rice can be digested quickly and will keep your stomach light even after eating to your fill. In short, if you are struggling to find a perfect dish for your diabetic body, try the flavorful Vietnamese soup bowl to regulate your blood sugar levels.  

From a health point of view, it is suggested to avoid sugar because it leaves a really bad impact on the body. It is considered more dangerous than tobacco and alcohol. In case you are trying to cut down sugar from your diet; Vietnamese food is a very good option for you! It is low in sugar and low in calories too.

4. It helps with digestion

To digest Vietnamese food, traditionally experts add different herbs, such as coriander and mint, that smoothens the process of digestion. These two are not only great for digestion, but they also make you feel less nauseated, reduce headaches, refreshed, and even aid liver function. When a bowl of soup is served, they give you these herbs separately so that you can add them to your bowl as per your wish. 

5. If you are trying to lose weight

Obesity has become a common problem and unfortunately junk food is the root cause of it. However, Vietnamese food is not like your everyday junk food that is certainly tasty but doesn’t offer any nutrients. This Cuisine uses a variety of vegetables, herbs, and meat to prepare scrumptious meals. Moreover, dairy is consumed in very little or moderate quantity, unlike most of the Asian recipes. Vietnamese food doesn’t contain Trans fats because most of its dishes are soup-like (it means a complex blend of protein and minerals). All in all, a vitamin and protein-rich Vietnamese soup is great for those who are trying to lose weight in a healthy way. But that’s not all! The dressings, sauces and condiments offered with the dishes are also low in calories, so you can enjoy a guilt-free meal every time you order at your favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

6. Promotes hair health

Who doesn’t love healthy, shinny and strong hair? Not just girls but it is a dream of boys too. There are several multivitamins available for this purpose and are selling successfully. But do you know that you can get naturally healthy hair without taking any supplement? Yes it’s possible with consuming Vietnamese food! The ingredients used in the dishes are bound to provide your body with all the necessary minerals that are deficient in your body, including protein, iron and vitamin C. As a result, your hair becomes healthier and stronger than ever!


Do you love eating but don’t want to put on body fat? Looking for a glowing skin remedy? Do you have digestion issues? Want thick and long hair? Several problems and the only easiest solution lies in Vietnamese food. The Cuisine is all about promoting a balanced diet that can cure many health issues inside and out. The ingredients used in the dishes have the ability to reverse aging marks on the skin, like wrinkles, fine lines, etc. Moreover, it gives you a beautiful glowing skin by detoxing your body.

Vietnamese food improves digestion, accelerates metabolism, reduces body weight, regulates blood sugar level, lower cholesterol level and whatnot. Apart from health, the Cuisine is popular all over the world for its scrumptious taste. Vietnamese food is basically an all-rounder! Which dish will you try first?