Deglazing is method of capturing the flavor of the juices and particles left in the pan after the food has been removed.

  • When you have finished sautéing or roasting, instead of taking your pan to the sink to scrape it clean, just pour off any excess oil or fat. The juices and the food particles stuck to the sides and bottom of the pan contain concentrated flavors that can be the foundation of a delicious sauce that will complement your food.
  • Return the pan to the heat and add aromatic vegetables, such as chopped shallots, garlic, or mushrooms, if you desire, cooking them until most of the remaining juice has evaporated.
  • Then turn up the heat and add a liquid, such as an appropriate wine or a flavorful stock, to the pan. The liquid will come to a quick boil and deglaze the pan by loosening all the particles. You should then be able to scrape the pan clean with a spatula or wooden spoon.
  • When all of the particles come free, you may turn down the heat and further reduce the liquid or add other ingredients to make a more complex sauce from this flavorful base.


Source: Culinary Cafe

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