Interesting Facts About Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Vietnam is gradually becoming a popular tourist destination. Vietnam has much to offer travelers, despite the fact that it may not be considered one of the “must see” nations by some. This incredible country boasts unspoiled islands, stunning beaches, delectable cuisine, an intriguing culture, and a remarkable past, all of which are … Read more

What are the major mountain ranges in Vietnam?

A mountain range or hill range consists of a line of mountains or hills connected by high ground. A mountain system or mountain belt is a group of mountain ranges with similar form, structure, and alignment that originated from the same process. Typically, mountain ranges are divided by highlands, mountain passes, and … Read more

Learn About the History of the u Lạc Kingdom

Au Lac was a fictitious kingdom that was said to have ruled over portions of present-day Guangxi and northern Vietnam. It was a union of Nam Cng (U Viet) and Văn Lang (Lc Viet) and was founded in 257 BCE by a person known as Thc Phán (King An Dng). However, it … Read more

Learn About the History of the Nanyue Kingdom

The contemporary Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Hong Kong, Macau, southern Fujian, and central to northern Vietnam were all part of the ancient kingdom of Nanyue, which was ruled by Chinese emperors of the Zhao line. Following the fall of the Qin dynasty in 204 BC, Zhao Tuo, the Commander of … Read more

Learn About the History of the Hồng Bàng Dynasty

In Vietnamese historiography, the Hng Bàng period, also known as the Hng Bàng dynasty, was a legendary, largely fictitious period that lasted from the beginning of Kinh Dng Vng’s control over the kingdom of Văn Lang in 2879 BC to An Dng Vng’s conquest of the state in 258 BC. The first … Read more

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