Korean Fusion: Spicy Beef Salad 매운 쇠고기 샐러드

Strips of marinated steak seared over high heat, tossed with a variety of garden fresh vegetables, and drizzled with a wonderful dressing full of Asian flavors. A dish adapted from Thailand.

Servings: About 10

Recipe Type: Beef, Korean, Salad, Side Dish, Spicy, Thai


1 pound Beef Flank steak

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper


2 tablespoons Soy Sauce

2 teaspoons white pepper

2 tablespoons Thai or Korean fish sauce

4 tablespoons lime juice

2 tablespoons brown sugar

8 cloves garlic


1/2 cup lime juice

1 tablespoon Thai or Korean fish sauce

2 teaspoons fine chili powder

1 teaspoon sugar

3 cloves garlic

1 ounce ginger


1 head loose leaf lettuce

1/2 each red onions

1 bunch kkaennip (perilla) leaves

1 each cucumbers

1 small Japanese Daikon radish (the one that looks like a white carrot)

1 each tomatoes

4 each shallots


2 tablespoons chopped ghinko, water chestnut, or whole pine nuts

4 each green onions


Prepare Marinade Ingredients:

Crush, press, or blend 8 cloves garlic.

Add all marinade ingredients to a small mixing bowl and mix well.

Let stand at room temperature for twenty minutes.

Prepare Steak:

Slice the steak into strips about 1/4 inch thick and 2 inches in length (partially freezing the steak will make it easier to slice). Lightly salt and pepper the meat and let stand ten minutes.

Place meat into a mixing bowl, cover with marinade and mix well.

Let stand in refrigerator two to twenty four hours.

Prepare Dressing Ingredients:

Finely chop 3 cloves of garlic.

Peel and finely grate ginger.

Prepare Salad Ingredients:

Separate lettuce leaves and wash in cold water. Drain and pat dry with paper towel.

Hand tear lettuce leaves and place in a large salad or mixing bowl.

Thin slice onion from top to bottom.

Coarse chop (large pieces) the cilantro and kkaenip.

Wash the Daikon in cold water, then thin slice.

Wash tomato in cold water and thin slice.

Peel cucumber, cut in half lengthwise, and thin slice.

Peel and thin slice the shallots lengthwise.

Prepare Garnish Ingredients:

Dry toast nuts in a small skillet over high heat until lightly browned. Remove from heat and let cool. Rough chop larger nuts.

Trim top and bottom from green onion, wash in cold water, and finely chop.

Cooking Beef:

Lightly oil a skillet and heat over high heat. Add steak pieces and sear.

Add 1/2 cup water to skillet, bring to a boil, and cook for one minute.

Remove steak pieces from skillet and place in a medium mixing bowl.

Place all dressing ingredients (except ginger) into the skillet and just bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for ten minutes.

Remove from heat, add shredded ginger, and pour the mixture over the beef.

Mix well.

Final Mix:

Remove meat from the dressing mixture and place on top of the lettuce. Add all other salad ingredients and toss.

Drizzle 1/4 of the dressing over the salad.

Place the remaining dressing in small dishes and serve on the side.

Sprinkle salad with green onion and toasted ground rice.

Serve warm with steamed rice.