Weight Equivalents: Cherries

Cherry trees are native to the northern hemisphere with species in North America, Europe, and Asia.
The two most common species (sweet cherries/sour cherries) for commercial cultivation are thought to have originated in or near the area of current day Armenia.
Cherries should be semi soft to firm, with stems attached, no bruising, cuts, or soft spots.

Acerola (West Indian Cherry)1 Cherry w/o pit

4.8g0.2ozCup, w/o pits
About 20 pitted cherries
98g3.5ozCherry, Red, Sour
1 Cherry

7.9g0.3ozCup, with Pitts
About 13 Cherries (Pit In)
103g3.6ozCup, w/o Pits

155g5.5ozCherry, Red, Sweet
1 Cherry

8.2g0.3ozCup, with Pits
About 17 Cherries (Pit In)
138g4.9ozCup, w/o Pits