How to make Mango Butter

Are you getting tired of eating normal bread and butter for breakfast every day? You might have seen mango butter in chocolates or creams. However, not all mango butter is edible. Mango butter is used for other purposes as well. Here we have the technique of how to make the perfect homemade mango butter using simple ingredients.

What is Mango Butter Used for?

Other than edible mango butter, there are a lot of other forms as well. This kind of butter is used for medical issues as well as cosmetic issues. Mango butter comes in the form of oils, massage creams, balms, gels. It also comes in the form of medical balms ointment. A wide range of hair care products also has mango butter infused in them, like shampoos, conditioners, and other hair masks and treatments.

However, if you think of edible mango butter, it tastes like lime zest and Mango. The butter also tastes pretty sweet, unlike regular salted butter.

How to Make Mango Butter?

Mango butter is made by infusing the mango essence and then cold pressing the Mango into a creamy butter. The fat in the butter comes from the mango seeds and is available both in refined and unrefined forms. However, unlike normal butter that stays solid for a while after taking it out of the freezer, mango butter melts once it comes in contact with skin, much like frozen coconut oil in the winter.

Recipe for Mango Butter

For this recipe, you will need half a cup of Mango, one cup of honey, half a cup of unsalted butter. To start:

  1. Peel and chop the mangoes into small dice.
  2. Mix the butter with honey in a separate bowl.
  3. Make sure the butter and honey mix thoroughly.
  4. Mix the butter using a spatula for a minimum of 2 minutes, and then pour the whole mixture into a blender.
  5. Add the mangoes to the blender and blend it on high for a few minutes.
  6. Check all the pieces of Mango are correctly combined.

Pour the mixture into a can or bowl you can use, and your mango butter is ready. If the mixture looks too watery, you can wring out some of the water by taking a piece of clean cloth, wrapping the butter in it, and wringing it softly. Do not wring the mixture too hard; otherwise, the butter might get bad. This form of mango butter is edible, and you can eat it with bread and mix a bit of sugar if the sweetness is too low. Children will also like eating the butter in between crackers or flatbread as well.

Recipe for Mango Body Butter

For this recipe, you will need 12 tbs of organic mango butter, 6tbs of shea butter, 15 drops of chamomile oil, ten drops of patchouli oil, and a bit of safflower oil.

To start:

  1. Melt the shea and mango butter by putting it in a metal bowl and heating it up.
  2. Since it is oil, make sure the butter does not start burning. You can also heat it safely by putting the bowl inside a pan filled with water and heating that as well.
  3. Once the butter melts, put safflower oil and mix it.
  4. Keep the bowl in the freezer for 10 minutes after this so that the mixture starts thickening up.

Once the mixture turns into a soft paste, you can start whipping it and then add the arrowroot powder and keep whipping the mixture at a low speed if using an electric whisk. The mixture will begin to turn fluffy, in which case you can increase the speed of the mix. Add the essential oils for a bit of extra case, and the butter will turn up light-colored and fluffy.

Benefits of using Mango Butter

Mango butter has a lot of benefits. It is excellent in terms of skincare, and also, using homemade body butter is the best. Use the unrefined version of the butter and only use organic materials to make the body butter. Store bought Mango Butter comes with a lot of chemicals and pesticides harmful to the skin. Therefore, it is essential to use all-natural ingredients.

Mango butter treats dry, sensitive skin and works great as a moisturizer. The butter also minimizes stretch marks and scars, reducing wrinkles and lines as well. Mango butter is also an excellent treatment against sunburnt skin and keeps the skin soft and supple when used in soaps.

Recipe for Mango Hair Mask

You will need 2 tbs of mango butter, olive oil, and 1tbs of honey. You can also use a few drops of essential oil for extra benefit. To start:

  1. Melt the mango butter in the microwave and add the honey, olive oil, and essential oil.
  2. Whisk the mixture together until thoroughly combined. You can now use this mask on your hair.
  3. Keep the mixture for 30 to 45 minutes, and then rinse it with water. You can also mix the mango butter in conditioners after shampoo and compile it with other hair masks.

Benefits of Using Mango Hair Mask:

A Mango butter hair mask is excellent for hair. It prevents dandruff and split ends for a start. The mango butter is also hypoallergenic and also keeps the hair hydrated, all the while promoting scalp health. Mango butter also consists of 67% vitamin C, which is excellent for your hair. You can also use mango butter daily as well and make sure to heat up the butter by rubbing it on your hands and massaging your scalp evenly. For those who cannot use oils from nuts like almonds due to allergies, mango butter is a great alternative.


Q1. Will Mango butter clog your hair follicles?

A: Mango butter is actually very lightweight and also nongreasy on top of that. Therefore, you will not face any problems with mango butter; it will instead make sure to moisturize your hair and make it voluminous and silky as well.


Mango butter can be used in a lot of different forms. However, if you are ingesting the mango butter, make sure it is safe, and always buy organic mango butter. It is best if you use the mango butter made at home. However, some products available in the market are also great.