5 Ways to Use Baby Wipes

Anyone who has children knows that having a quick way to clean up the worst of messes is an essential commodity in the household. On top of that, you’ll want to find something that not only gets the job done but makes a low impact on the environment. Plant based baby wipes are easily broken down, and are great for any kind of mess you can think of as a parent. Whatever your daily routine entails and whatever activities come your way, you’ll be prepared by having reliable baby wipes that are much better for the environment than other wipes on the market. In this article, we’ll go over five major ways that you can use baby wipes to make your life easier and your clean up faster. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing that the wipes you’re using are better for the environment than their competitors. Keep reading for more insight!

Diaper Changes

The big obvious use of plant based baby wipes are for diaper changes. Every parent knows how important it is to have a wipe that will both be able to handle the mess and include healthy and body safe ingredients for their young ones. Natural baby wipes will help keep diaper changes contained and make clean up that much easier. However, there are many more helpful uses for baby wipes in the household aside from just cleaning your baby. Let’s explore some of the other ways you can use baby wipes.

Removing Makeup

While baby wipes are typically meant for children, they also make great makeup removers! After a night out to dinner with your family or after a work event, the first thing you’ll want to do if you’re wearing makeup is remove it when you get home. This can be an annoying process using just soap and water, but baby wipes will make the job way easier and have you feeling cozy faster. Plus, if you go with a natural brand, you have the added benefit of helping the planet by using disposable wipes that break down and are made from all natural materials. These are much less wasteful than your typical cotton pads for makeup removal.

Cleaning Tables

As we all know, kids spill things. All the time. But it doesn’t have to be a headache. Your natural baby wipes also make great surface cleaners. These are much better than using something like a paper towel which is wasteful and won’t actually clean up the mess that well. With baby wipes, you’ll get natural cleaning ingredients and a tool that can be disposed of with the security knowing that you’re cutting down on harmful waste in your home. Make those spills that much easier to clean up by using baby wipes to quickly clean up spills on the spot! The convenience will make you wonder why you ever used anything else.

As Face Wipes

When you’re out and about with your kids, you might be tempted to treat them to something like ice cream or a street hotdog, whatever your family’s favorite treat is. It’s probably a familiar scenario having your kids get food all over their faces. And we get it, it’s exciting to get a treat out on the town! Keeping baby wipes on you when you go out with your kids will make it easy to get them cleaned up like there was never any ketchup, ice cream or what-have-you in the first place! Make outings that much less stressful by carrying a pack of baby wipes for those inevitable face messes you’ll have to deal with.

Activity Cleanup

If you’re kids are like most, they probably love a good afternoon of turning your home into an arts and crafts studio. Whether you’re painting, sculpting or simply just drawing, it can get cluttered and messy pretty quick when arts and crafts are involved. This is another great reason to keep a natural baby wipe on hand so you can quickly clean up after days of arts and crafts activities with your family. Keep your home squeaky clean by having disposable, biodegradable baby wipes in your home for the messiest of messes.

Baby wipes are an essential part of any family’s home. Especially if you have kids, but for single adults too, they make great cleaning materials for cleaning up quick spills and messes. For kids, they work great for diaper changes, as face wipes on the go, and for cleaning up after a day of fun making arts and crafts. The important thing to remember is to search for plant based, natural baby wipes that contain pediatrician approved ingredients safe for children. These will help reduce your waste while keeping your kids and home as clean as it can be. Messes happen, but why not be prepared!