What Are The Factors To Consider When Having A Penile Enhancement?

Some men can become very insecure about the size of their penis, and it can actually get to the point where it interferes with their activities, their thinking, and their entire lifestyle. If you reach this point, it might be time to consider some kind of penile enhancement, so you can get your self-esteem back.

If you’re in this category, you’ll have several options available to you, including plastic surgery or penile implant surgery. To set up an initial consultation with experts, you should contact the specialists at this site.

Types of Penile Surgery

Before you resolve to undergo some kind of penile surgery, you should consider other less invasive options first. For example, if it’s really just a matter of self-confidence, are there some other things you can do to boost your confidence besides undergoing an invasive surgery like this?

Before embarking on penile surgery, you should be clear in your mind that this is absolutely the best option for you, and that means you will need to be realistic about what you expect to achieve through the surgery. Depending on what you actually want to accomplish with penile surgery, you’ll have some different options available to you.

If you’re looking for more growth, you can choose some type of lengthening surgery. If you are trying to achieve greater girth, you might want to pursue enhancement surgery. Here are the most common types of enhancement surgery now available:

Penis-lengthening Surgery

The general process for this type of surgery calls for cutting your suspensory ligament, which is the ligament that connects the penis to your body. Once this ligament is cut, plastic surgery must be performed so that the skin can accommodate the extra length. The suspensory ligament is also what makes your penis erect, so it’s quite possible that following surgery, you may have erections that point downward. When you’re considering this type of surgery, it’s important to remember that while it might achieve a longer penis for you, it might also result in a downward-pointing erection.

Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery

If you’re comfortable with the length of your penis, but you’re hoping for more thickness, then you might want to consider penile enhancement surgery. There are two surgical techniques that can accomplish this, the first of which involves liposuction, which removes fat from the thighs or abdomen and then gets injected under the skin of your penis. Unfortunately, this kind of procedure may work out to be only temporary in nature, especially since the fat can be absorbed into the body. The second type of procedure that might be used is to graft skin and fat from the buttocks and inject that into the penis. This procedure sometimes takes a bit longer than the liposuction method, but it also generally lasts a bit longer.

Penile Implant Surgery

To enhance the girth of your penis, you may want to consider penile implant surgery, and there are several different types of implants you can use when adopting this strategy. A dermal implant is mostly used to enhance girth, but it will also generally increase the length of your penis. This is a fairly uncommon procedure that calls for fat to be removed from some area of your body and transplanted into the penis. Surgeons tend to avoid this procedure because it can be difficult to distribute fat cells evenly without having them clump up in the penis. If that happens, it often causes the penis to appear to be lumpy.

Another type of implant that could be used is an inflatable implant. Most inflatable implants are comprised of two pieces, those being two cylinders inserted into the penis and which are attached to a pump situated in the scrotum. Another part of the implant is a small fluid-filled reservoir. The three-piece model also has two cylinders that can be inserted into the penis, as well as a larger fluid-filled reservoir. Both of these inflatable models work in much the same way.

Before intercourse, it will be necessary to squeeze the pump and fill the cylinders with a saline solution from the reservoir, resulting in an erection. Following intercourse, these cylinders must be deflated. Generally speaking, the three-piece model will produce better erections than the two-piece system. Another advantage of the three-piece implant is its ability to inflate and deflate at a moment’s notice. You can also count on less risk of damage to the inside of the penis when using this model.

Pros and Cons

Obviously, there are some pros and cons to having penile surgery done. That’s why it’s so important that you thoroughly consider whether this is the right step for you. Talk with your doctor, so you’re fully aware of what life will be like the following surgery and also whether or not you’re a good candidate for the p