10 thoughtful gifts for your best friend

Friendship is more than just a bond and is a relationship that should be cherished. With some people you establish a bond stronger than blood ties. With such precious people, thoughtful presents are a must. If you have a true best friend whom you deem as your ‘long-lost’ family, you must also have faced the dilemma of choosing a thoughtful gift. With such friends, a simple deodorant is not enough. The following 10 thoughtful presents are some of the best choices you could make to surprise your best friend.

Sentimental best-friend gifts

Gifts hold more meaning than just their material value. You can find numerous customized products in the market that convey that you put in a little extra effort for a person you care about.

1. Bond touch bracelets

Long-distance bond touch bracelets are a pair of bracelets that both vibrate whenever one of them is touched. This means that your best friend will feel your touch if you touch your bracelet, no matter the distance between you. This natural vibration is meant to mimic an actual touch of another person. These amazing and sentimental bracelets are perfect if you wish to show your friend just how much you value your bond with him or her. The bracelet will also light up with the touch in a colour of your choice.

2. A digital photo frame

Digital photo frames are Wi-Fi cloud photo frames that lets you control the photo the frame holds. It also allows the user to share photos whenever they want. Once you give this wonderful present to your best friend, you can email them photos from anywhere across the globe for display on the frame. You can send multiple display playlists for the same frame or get a separate frame for each playlist. This way, no matter the distance, your best friend will also have you reminding them of your amazing memories.

3. Soul sister friendship necklace

A soul sister symbol is the best way to convey to your friend the strength of your bond. This infinity circle pendant can be bought in pairs so that the both of you have one. Owning a matching piece of jewellery is a great way to always keep your closest friend in heart.

4. Custom pillows

Another type of gift you could consider is throw pillows that are custom-made with a picture of quotation of your choice. A pillow with picture that features the two of you, has a meaningful quotation, or has a picture that reflects your friend’s interest, is a great birthday present. There are many places, both online, and at stores where you can find a diverse collection of designer pillows. You can check out ‘All About Vibe’s collection of pink throw pillows.

Home décor items

When looking for gifts for your best friend, another type that you could consider is the area of home décor. After all, who doesn’t like a present that adds to their living space? There is a variety of gifts that you can find in this category, ranging from macro photo frames and personalized pillows to customizable doormats and vinyl runners.

1. Customizable doormats

Customizable doormats are a unique home décor item that you can find in the market. These doormats are like letter boards that can be used to spell out any message or make designs. Such door mats often have small, penny-sized tile pieces that can be adjusted and changed to write out various messages. This great doormat is a thoughtful present for anyone, not just your best friend!

2. Hanging plants

Plants are the perfect addition to any house to make it feel more homely and comfortable. A touch of greenery is appreciated in any living space and a hanging plant decoration piece is another great gift you could give to your best friend. Mini-hanging plants will look great on any wall as a piece of décor and as a gift, it is a very thoughtful choice.

3. Decorative pillows

Bedroom décor items are highly valued and bedroom aesthetics are crucial to the outlook of the entire house. Therefore, bedroom décor designer pillows are also a good choice as a gift for someone who is close to you. If these pillows are designed as per the interest of your best friend, it makes for an even better gift. If your friend is a cat lover, for instance, you could give her a custom cat pillow for her bedroom. You can select the image you want to be printed on the pillow cover. This can even be a photograph of your friend’s favourite pet! Likewise, if your best friend is your cat, get them a luxurious cat bed.


4. Vinyl runners

Vinyl runners are an aesthetic floor-design item that can add a wonderful array of colours to an otherwise bland floor. You can find a number of different floor runners, like Persian-inspired mats, that match your friend’s taste in home décor.

A customized diary or notebook

If your friend is an enthusiast writer and loves keeping a personal diary, a customized diary that features his or her favourite quotation, a picture of their choice, or a design they are sure to like, a customized diary is a great gift. Every time they’ll write in it, it will be a reminder of their closest friend. A diary is perhaps one of the most personal things a person owns and giving it as a gift will surely have a great impact.


Although jewellery might look like a common gift, if you find a unique necklace or bracelet that your friend will truly appreciate, it can be a great present.

The gifts you exchange with your friends say a lot about the kind of bond you have with them. A thoughtful birthday gift can make a huge difference so the next time you give your closest friend a gift, do consider the list above. These thoughtful gifts are some of the best choices in terms of aesthetics, practicality, sentiment, and uniqueness.