Weight Equivalents: Almond

Almonds may have originated in China or the Middle East. They were commonly used as food along the “Silk Road” and spread from there into the Mediterranean area.


Common Names: almond, sweet almond
Equivalents: 3 ounces whole almonds = 1/2 cup = 65 almonds.
The crunchy texture and rich, delicate flavor of Almonds works well in a variety of desserts. Almonds are sold shelled or unshelled, blanched, sliced, slivered, ground, or chopped.
Substitutes: (Any One Of) hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, pistachios (unsalted)

Almond Average Nut 1.2g 0.1oz
Cup Ground 95g 3.4oz
Cup Slivered 108g 3.8oz
Cup, Sliced 92g 3.2oz
Cup, Whole 143g 5.0oz
Pound, Kernals About 368 kernals 453.6g 16oz

Conversion from grams to ounce: 28.3495231g(rounded to 28.35)= 1 oz
Ounces shown are rounded up or down to the nearest tenth of an ounce.

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