15 Essential Vietnamese Cuisine Ingredients

15 Essential Vietnamese Cuisine Ingredients

Vietnamese cuisine visibly reflects Buddhist philosophy, associating the five fundamental tastes (sweet, spicy, salty, bitter, and sour) to the five natural elements (earth, metal, water, fire, and wood). Each also appeals to the five senses (mouth, nose, ear, tongue, and eyes), and corresponds to a color (yellow, black, white, red, and green.) … Read more

A Guide to Vietnamese Street Food

A Guide to Vietnamese Street Food

Like with its neighboring Asian countries, street food is vibrant and popular in Vietnam. You can find it everywhere, from the roving vendors, early morning local markets, sidewalk carts, and food joints, proving that it’s one of the heart and soul of mouthwatering Vietnamese cuisine. Despite such, you might be hesitant to … Read more

Guide to Banh Tieu

doughnuts in a plate, tongs, doughnuts in a jar

Bánh tiêu, or Vietnamese hollow doughnut, is airy and light with a hollow interior, hence the name. These donuts aren’t overly sweet like the traditional western one and are usually coated with sesame seeds. Most first-generation kids from Vietnam would probably remember the bánh tiêu as a weekend treat, exclusively sold at … Read more

Guide to Chè Ba Mau

broken coconut

Chè ba màu is a Vietnamese dessert made with a combination of ice slush, bouncy jelly, soft beans, and topped with a layer of rich coconut sauce. Chè ba màu translates to “three-color dessert” in Vietnamese and is similar to chè Thái. It also shares some similarities with Filipino halo-halo. While this … Read more

Guide to Xi Ma

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Black sesame sweet soup, or xi ma, is a popular Vietnamese dessert in Hoi An. It first came from the Fujian Province of China and is typically made with black sesame seeds, rice flour, sugar, coconut, and a Chinese herbal medicine called pennywort. Xi ma is usually served in small portions and … Read more