Guide to Watercress

watercress, chives, and butter on top of the bread

Watercress is a vegetable that’s native to Eurasia. This aquatic leafy vegetable grows in the shallow water of streams and is a Brassicaceae (mustard) family member. Ancient Romans used to dress raw watercress with cumin, garum (fermented fish sauce, and pepper, proving that the vegetable is one of the oldest salad greens. It’s also … Read more

15 Essential Korean Cuisine Ingredients

Korean cuisine is diverse, as it has hundreds of dishes that use different kinds of ingredients. Despite being known as a “spicy” cuisine, Korean cuisine is actually more than just its kimchi and spicy “ramyun” or noodle soup dish because there are also dishes that aren’t spicy but are still rich in … Read more

Understanding Weight Equivalents When Cooking

a kitchen scale and food items on a table

Thanks to the internet and all the cooking shows, now we have a plethora of recipes available at our fingertips. But sometimes, a recipe from outside your country or region might leave you scratching your head, wondering how many cups are in a tablespoon and vice versa. Some countries use imperial measurements … Read more


Common Name: Barley malt flour 엿기름 가루 Barley Malt Flour (Powder) Barley Malt powder is grain that has been allowed to ferment, then dried and ground. This ingredient can be fine or coarse (flaked) ground Used in many applications including shikhye and red pepper paste.

Radishes, Young Summer

Common Name: Young Summer Radish, Yeolmu yeolmu – young summer radish 열무 A smaller variety of the Korean radish with a sharp but somewhat sweet taste, young summer radish is often used to make a variety of whole plant (leaves and root) kimchi. Korean radish is used raw in a variety of … Read more