매실차 A refreshing drink made from Maesil (Japanese Plum) that can be served hot or cold. Servings: 33 Ingredients 1 pound Maesil (Japanese plum/Ume) 1 pound sugar     Procedure Wash the plums thoroughly in cold water, remove stems, and wash again. Dry the plums completely. Place a layer of plums in … Read more

Baesook (Korean Peppercorn Pear with ginger)

(배숙) Baesook (or Baesuk) was originally served in Korean royal court cuisine and did not spread to the public until the mid 20th century. This is a slightly different version with ginger added. Servings: 4 Ingredients 3 each Nashi (Asian) pears 2 ounces peeled ginger 36 to 48 each peppercorns 3 tablespoons … Read more

Soju and Makgeolli – Traditional

Servings: 32 Ingredients Base ingredients 4 pounds medium or short grain white rice 1 pound glutinous rice 1 pound nuruk 1 gallon spring or distilled water Additional for Makgeolli 2 tablespoons sugar 6 cups spring or distilled water Nuruk 1 pound rice flour 5 fluid ounces +1 tablespoon water (5.6 ounces/159 grams) … Read more

Makgeolli – Thick Rice Wine – Modern

Alternate spellings: Mokkoli, makoli, mukkoli, mockolee, mokkoly 막걸리 Servings: 10 Ingredients 1 pound sticky (sweet) rice (glutinous) 1 pound white rice 1/2 pound whole wheat 1/2 pound barley 1 package dry active yeast 2 cups water Equipment Needed: Rice steamer Earthenware jar with lid Strainer Procedure Cover the rice and grains in … Read more

Yujacha (citron tea)

Servings: 20 Ingredients 4 each citrons* (available in many Asian markets) 1 1/2 cups sugar 1/2 cup honey * May substitute with any citrus fruit *(4 oranges, 5 lemons or limes, 2 small grapefruit, etc) Procedure Wash the fruit well in cold water. Peel then remove and discard any white remaining on … Read more