Three Day Beef Stock (Deep Beef Stock)

A very flavorful stock which can used for a variety of soups, braises, stir fries, or sauces. Servings: 16 Yield: 1 gallon Ingredients First day 5 pounds beef soup bones (2 to 3 inch cut) 2 gallons water, (more water as needed – see below) 3 each garlic cluster, peeled 1 each … Read more

Myeolchi Gukmul

Korean Anchovy Broth 멸치 국물 This fish-based broth is the traditional base for Korean soups and stews. Although meat broth has become more popular in recent years, this anchovy soup stock is still a staple in Korean cooking. It doesn’t have a strong fish odor, but adds a deep and savory element … Read more

Haemulguk (mul) Fragrant Seafood Stock

해물국물 This stock can be used as a base for any mixed seafood soup, stew, or braised dish. Make ahead and freeze for future use. Servings: 6 Yield: 6 cups Ingredients 6 cups water 1 dozen fresh mussels 5 to 12 shrimp shells (more or less depending on size) 1/2 oz dried … Read more

Basic Beef or Pork Soup Stock

Servings: 10 Yield: Approximately 1/2 gallon of soup stock. Ingredients 5 pounds beef or pork soup bones (2 to 3 inch cut) 1 gallon water, (more water as needed – see below) 1 each garlic cluster, peeled 3 ounces ginger, peeled 1 each large white or yellow onion, peeled 1 tablespoon salt … Read more

Dak Malgeun Jangguk – Clear Chicken Broth

닭맑은장국 Servings: 10 Yield: 5 cups Ingredients 1 3 pound chicken 12 cloves garlic 1 ounce ginger 6 medium green onions 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper 1/8 teaspoon white pepper 1/2 cup rice wine 3 quarts water Optional 4 ounce daikon radish 1 cup dasima (Anchovy and Kelp … Read more