How Many Strawberries Are in a Serving?

a bucket full of strawberries

Strawberries are quite popular among fruit lovers, as the fruit has a unique sweet and tangy flavor that cannot be replicated by other fruits. However, measuring them in order to be used for recipes can be quite difficult, and they are often more difficult to measure compared to some of the most … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Almond


Almonds may have originated in China or the Middle East. They were commonly used as food along the “Silk Road” and spread from there into the Mediterranean area. Almonds Common Names: almond, sweet almond Equivalents: 3 ounces whole almonds = 1/2 cup = 65 almonds. The crunchy texture and rich, delicate flavor … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Banana

Weight Equivalents Banana

Bananas probably originated in Northern Australia and New Guinea. They spread into the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and onward into more of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Banana Extra Large 9″ or longer 152g 5.4oz Large 8″ to 8-7/8″ Long 136g 4.8oz Medium 7″ to 7-7/8″ Long 118g 4.2oz Small 6″ to … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Cherries

Weight Equivalents Cherries

Cherry trees are native to the northern hemisphere with species in North America, Europe, and Asia. The two most common species (sweet cherries/sour cherries) for commercial cultivation are thought to have originated in or near the area of current day Armenia. Cherries should be semi soft to firm, with stems attached, no … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Apricot


The origin of Apricots is not known definately. Various sources place it in present day Armenia, the Russian/Chinese border area, or Northern India. Apricots have a firm low juice flesh that ranges from tart to sweet in taste, and have a smooth or velvety skin. Apricots should be firm with no bruising, … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Bae -Asian Pear

Weight Equivalents Bae -Asian Pear

A lightly sweet crisp grainy pear grown in Korea, Japan, and China. Most often given as gifts or used (in blended or mashed form) as a sauce or marinade ingredient. Also used in desserts and salads. Available in season in most Korean Markets. Korean Pears should be firm with no bruising, cuts, … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Apples


DNA analysis indicates that apples originated in the mountains of what is now known as Kazakhstan. Ranging from sour “spitters” to sweet and delicious, apple varieties are grown around the world. Use a Food Scale when weighing to get an accurate weight. Apples should be firm with no bruising, cuts, or soft … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Watermelon


The watermelon probably originated in Southern Africa, then spread northward to the Valley of the Nile where it was cultivated for some time before again spreading to the north, east and west.. Watermelons are generally large, oval, and a mottled green color with red or pink flesh. Look for  fruit that is … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Honeydew


Honey Dew is a large round or oval melon with a smooth skin. Look for unblemished fruit that is firm, heavy for it’s size, and almost uniform in color. Honeydew Large 6″ to 7″ dia 1280g 45.2oz Small 5-1/4″ dia 1000g 35.3oz Wedge, Large 1/8 of 6″ to 7″ dia Melon 160g … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Casaba


Casaba is a large melon with a thick-ridged yellow skin. Look for unblemished fruit that is firm, heavy for it’s size, and almost uniform in color. Casaba Average Melon 1640g 57.8oz Wedge 1/8 Melon 205g 7.2oz Cup, cubes 170g 6oz  

Weight Equivalents: Cantaloupe (American)


American Cantaloupe is a netted muskmelon. It has a pale orange flesh and sweet flavor. Look for unblemished fruit that is firm and almost uniform in color. Cantaloupe Large 6-1/2″ dia 814g 28.7oz Medium 5″ dia 552g 19.5oz Small 4-1/4″ dia 441g 15.6oz Wedge, Large 1/8 of Large Fruit 102g 3.6oz Wedge, … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Ambrosia Melon


Ambrosia melon is a netted muskmelon which is very similar to the American Cantaloupe. It has a deep orange flesh and very intense flavor. Look for unblemished fruit that is firm and almost uniform in color. Ambrosia Melon Large 6-3/4″ dia 1000g 35.3oz Medium 5-1/2″ dia 700g 24.7oz Small 4-3/4″ dia 554g … Read more