Weight Equivalents: Watermelon

The watermelon probably originated in Southern Africa, then spread northward to the Valley of the Nile where it was cultivated for some time before again spreading to the north, east and west..
Watermelons are generally large, oval, and a mottled green color with red or pink flesh.
Look for  fruit that is yellow on the underside, without bruises, soft spots, or cuts.

How much does a watermelon weigh?

The average grocery store watermelon runs 20 to 25 US pounds, and yields about 14 to 18 pounds of edible fruit.
Melon 15″ Long 7-1/2″ dia 4518g 159.4oz
Melon 18″ Long 9-1/2″ dia 9071 320oz
Wedge 1/16 of 1 Melon 286g 10.1oz
Watermelon Ball 12.2g .4oz
Cup, Balls About 12 balls 154g 5.4oz
Cup, Diced 152g 5.3oz