Guide to Types of Peas

There are several types and varieties of peas that are available to plant and consume. Each of them varies in size and taste. Some pea types mature earlier than others, and some of them might require some particular procedure to mature and flourish. However, some seed companies tend to sell several pea varieties in just one packet. This move can be a great way to try different types without having to spend a lot of money or take up too much space in your garden. With that being said, we are here to give you a list of different types of peas so that you will determine which one you like the most.

Types and Varieties of Peas

Garden Peas

Garden peas are the traditional type of peas. They have inedible pods, and the peas must be removed before consuming them. Here are the different varieties of garden peas.

  • Survivor – This variety of pea is like an almost leafless plant that has stingy vines that cling tightly together. The survivor pea plant can grow up to 2 feet tall, and each pod can produce up to 8 peas. This pea takes about 70 days to develop and mature.
  • Spring – This pea variety takes about 60 days to grow and mature. They have a moderately sweet flavor, and they are a very productive plant because each of the spring peas pod can produce about 6 to 7 plumped green peas.
  • Wando – This variety of pea is quite popular because it can withstand warm weather and cold weather nicely. Each Wando pea pod can produce about seven to eight medium-sized peas. They are perfect for drying and freezing. They can be developed and matured in over 70 days.
  • Thomas Laxton – This pea variety is also a very productive plant because each of its pod can produce eight to large and plumped dark green peas. The seeds can grow up to four inches long, and the plant can grow about to three feet tall.
  • Early Perfection – This variety of peas produces crescent-shaped pods that can be 3 ½ inches long. Each of them can have eight to nine tender, medium-sized peas that are sweet and dough resistant. Early perfection peas can take about 65 days to develop and mature.

Sweet Peas

This type of peas is also known as sugar peas. Peas that are under this type often have flat pods that are edible and sweet. Here are the variety of sweet peas:

  • Snowbird – This pea variety grows in a plant that only reaches 18 inches tall. Their pods are only 3 inches long, but they are a very productive plant.
  • Gray Sugar –  This variety of pea is the traditional snow pea that has tender pods that can grow up to three inches long. Its plant can grow up to eighteen inches tall.
  • Mammoth Melting Sugar – This sweet pea variety is an heirloom pea that has very tall vines that can reach grow from four to five feet tall. It takes about 70 days for the Mammoth Melting Sugar to develop and mature. They produce a 5 ½ inches long pods that are thick and can hold up well even when cooked.
  • Avalanche – This sweet pea variety produces large dark green pods that can grow up to six inches long. They are delicious and tender, and it just takes about 60 days for them to grow and mature. The avalanche pea plant is disease resistant, and they are prolific producers.

Snap Peas

This type of peas has an edible pod that is sweet. They can be eaten raw or cooked. Snap peas often have a plump and rounded appearance. Here are some varieties of snap peas:

  • Sugar Bon – This variety of snap peas can take just 55 days to develop and mature. They produce very sweet pods that are about three inches long.
  • Sugar Snap – This pea variety is known to produce price-winning pods that are three inches long. This is a classic snap pea variety that has sweet pods and can be a terrific producer.
  • Super Snappy – This variety of pea is only distributed by the Burpee Seed Company. The peas come in huge pods that have about nine peas in them. Their plant can reach about three feet tall, and they have moderate disease resistance.

Sugar Ann – This pea variety takes about 55 days to produce sweet and crisp pods that have approximately seven peas each. Each Sugar Ann pea plant can grow up to two feet tall.