How To Prepare Your Home For A New Dog

How To Prepare Your Home For A New Dog

You’ve talked about it for ages, you’ve looked for the best place to shop or adopt, and now you are online looking for as much information as possible. Why? To prepare your home for your brand new dog, of course! We all want our pets to take to our homes and family … Read more

Guide to Traditional Vietnam Home Styles

bamboo walls, women looking through the window

Vietnamese settlers value their homes more than everything else. Vietnam has a culture of long-aged agriculture that requires a self-supplying village system. Farmers reside under their house’s roofs, store their work equipment and grain inside the house, and also give birth and raise children in their homes. The house is also where … Read more

Guide to Traditional Korean Homes Styles

wooden doors, stone walls, roof tiles, plants, trees, signages

The charming, environmentally friendly traditional Korean house, also known as Hanok (한옥 in the local language), is unique, simple, and harmonious but full of style. These houses were built in the 14th century, during the Joseon Dynasty. The typical architectures of South Korea have managed, albeit with some difficulty, to endure the … Read more