Interesting Facts About Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Vietnam is gradually becoming a popular tourist destination. Vietnam has much to offer travelers, despite the fact that it may not be considered one of the “must see” nations by some. This incredible country boasts unspoiled islands, stunning beaches, delectable cuisine, an intriguing culture, and a remarkable past, all of which are … Read more

Interesting Facts About South Korea

Temple in South Korea

K-pop, K-drama, Korean cuisine, Korean cosmetics, and more. Due to the rapid spread of the Korean surge, it is impossible to avoid hearing or seeing anything associated with Korean culture. From social media to billboards, restaurants, stores, and markets, everything from Korea can be seen. This is why it is no longer … Read more

What food is commonly eaten in Korean temples?

Girl eating vegetable salad

Korean Temple Food is entirely plant-based, delectable, and nutritious. Temple food refers to the food ingested in Buddhist Temples; it has always played an essential role in the religious lives of Korean Buddhist monks and nuns. The only animal products used in Korean temple cuisine are dairy products. Korean Buddhism forbids flesh. … Read more

Learn About Munbaeju, a Traditional Korean Distilled Liquor

Korean food with alcohol

The Korean culture is sweeping the globe. Hallyu (Korean Wave), which encompasses popular culture such as contemporary music, television dramas, and films, is expanding its influence in fields such as literature and the performing arts. Korean cuisine is not an exception. From Buddhist temple dishes to kimchi, bulgogi (marinated grilled beef), and … Read more

Learn More About the Korean Dish Bibimbap

bowl of bibimbap

Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish consisting of rice combined with various meats and vegetables. As a result, the number of bibimbap restaurants in various parts of the globe has increased due to its increased popularity as a healthy dining option. There are many methods to enjoy this dish, including traditional bibimbap, … Read more

Learn More about Baekban

Learn More about Baekban

Every supper in Korean cuisine is accompanied by a generous serving of banchan, a type of side dish.  “Baekban,” which literally translates to “a hundred side dishes” in Korean, is a complete meal consisting of at least ten unique side dishes with unlimited refills.  Baekban is a traditional Korean cuisine consisting of … Read more

What sports are popular in Laos?

Men playing football

Laos is a gorgeous nation with well-preserved and diverse cultural traditions. Similar to its neighbors in the region, the country has acclimated to modernity but has not yet abandoned its inherited traditions. The same holds true for sports.  The prevalent sports in the nation appear to be attached to the country’s traditional … Read more

What are the major mountain ranges in Laos?

Laos District

Laos is a country in northeast-central Southeast Asia that can only be reached by land. It has a part in the north that is irregularly round and a part in the southeast that looks like a peninsula. Laos possesses a geologically diverse landscape, which includes forested mountains, upland plateaus, and lowland plains. … Read more

What are the major mountain ranges in South Korea?

mountain ranges

The mountains of South Korea are unquestionably among the most remarkable features of the diverse and beautiful topography of this northeast Asian nation. South Korea’s main mountains are among the most impressive in all of Asia. The terrain in Korea is extremely mountainous and rugged. South Korea contains three mountain ranges. These … Read more

What are the major mountain ranges in Vietnam?

Mountain range

A mountain range or hill range consists of a line of mountains or hills connected by high ground. A mountain system or mountain belt is a group of mountain ranges with similar form, structure, and alignment that originated from the same process. Typically, mountain ranges are divided by highlands, mountain passes, and … Read more

Immersion Blender Recipes You Should Learn

using an immersion blender to make soup

With the help of an immersion blender, you can do a wide variety of culinary tasks, such as chopping, pureeing, emulsifying dressings, and much more. There are several techniques to increase your expertise in immersion blender usage, whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran. Almost anything that a normal blender … Read more