Types of Cooking Utensils and their roles

History of kitchen utensils is nearly 3 million years old. As the archaeological records tell us, the stone age was followed by bronze and then by iron age. This era eventually produced more useful utensils for food preparation. Things really started to change in the 8th century with the start of the … Read more

Guide to Weighing Food Properly

The kitchen scale is one of the most important devices to have in cooking. Not many people realize this, but measuring ingredients only using bowls, cups, and spoons are not enough to get an accurate measurement. Cooks and bakers often rely on kitchen scales to ensure that the ingredients that they use … Read more


Knives should fit your hand comfortably, be light enough for repetitive use, yet heavy enough to do the job. Forged carbon steel is generally best, but there are some very good lower cost stamped blades.  Whatever the quality of the knife, having it sharpened by a knife sharpening service will make the knife as … Read more