Weight Equivalents: Bae -Asian Pear

A lightly sweet crisp grainy pear grown in Korea, Japan, and China. Most often given as gifts or used (in blended or mashed form) as a sauce or marinade ingredient. Also used in desserts and salads. Available in season in most Korean Markets.
Korean Pears should be firm with no bruising, cuts, or soft spots.
Common Names: Asian pear, apple pear, Japanese pear, Chinese pear, Oriental pear, sand pear, nashi, nashi pear, salad pear, papple

How much does an Asian Pear weigh?

Nashi (Asian) Pear
Large3-3/8″ high, 3″ dia275g9.7oz
Small2-1/4″ high, 2-1/2″ dia122g4.3oz
Wedge, Large1/8 Large Fruit34g1.2oz
Wedge, Small1/8 Small Fruit15g0.5oz

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