Weight Equivalents: Apples

DNA analysis indicates that apples originated in the mountains of what is now known as Kazakhstan. Ranging from sour “spitters” to sweet and delicious, apple varieties are grown around the world. Use a Food Scale when weighing to get an accurate weight.
Apples should be firm with no bruising, cuts, or soft spots.

Apples, Common
Large 3-1/4″ dia 223g 7.9oz
Medium 3″ dia 182g 6.4oz
Small 2-3/4″ dia 149g 5.3oz
Extra Small 2-1/2″ dia 101g 3.6oz
Cup, Quarters From Medium Apple 125g 4.4oz
Cup Slices From Medium Apple 109g 3.8oz
Golden Delicious
Large 3-1/4″ dia 215g 7.6oz
Medium 3″ dia 169g 6oz
Small 2-3/4″ dia 129g 4.6oz
Cup, Quarters From Medium Apple 125g 4.4oz
Cup Slices From Medium Apple 109g 3.8oz
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