Weight Equivalents: Ambrosia Melon

Ambrosia melon is a netted muskmelon which is very similar to the American Cantaloupe. It has a deep orange flesh and very intense flavor.
Look for unblemished fruit that is firm and almost uniform in color.

Ambrosia Melon
Large 6-3/4″ dia 1000g 35.3oz
Medium 5-1/2″ dia 700g 24.7oz
Small 4-3/4″ dia 554g 19.6oz
Wedge, Large 1/8 of Large Fruit 125g 4.4oz
Wedge, Medium 1/8 of Medium Fruit 87.5g 3.1oz
Wedge, Small 1/8 of Small Fruit 69.3g 2.4oz
Cup, Cubes 160g 5.6oz
Cup, Diced 156g 5.5oz
Melon Balls 13.8g 0.5oz
Cup, Melon Balls 177g 6.2oz


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