Crustaceans, shrimp, mixed species, cooked, moist heat

Common Name: Shrimp Recipes Using This Ingredient Royal Cuisine – Gujeolpan (Wraps with Eight Stuffings ) A Korean Royal Dish Ban Chan – Haemul Pajeon (Korean Seafood Pancake) Ban Chan – Bossam Kimchi Royal Cuisine – Palbochae Eight Treasures Dish 팔보채 Soups & Stocks – Sundubu Jjigae (Soft Tofu Soup) Version 2 … Read more

Seoyang Hobak

Common Name: Hobak 서양 호박 zucchini (western squash)


Common Name: Kaibi, Beef shortribs 쇠갈비 Usually grilled, braised, or used in soups. Most common cuts are English cut (soups), L.A. style, or traditional. Images  


Common Name: Pork Belly, side pork, fresh bacon 삼겹살 The same cut as bacon but not cured or smoked. A very popular pork cut that may be seasoned and grilled, boiled, or fried. Often served as samgyeopsal-gui – Strips of pork belly mixed with a spicy red chili pepper paste sauce and … Read more

Roasted Laver

Common Name: Seaweed 김, Kim, gim Gim is dried, pressed seaweed made from edible laver. Gim may be roasted and seasoned with oil and salt, roasted but unseasoned, or raw and unseasoned. Images Recipes Using This Ingredient Kimbap – Korean Rice and Seaweed Rolls

Rice Wine

Rice wine is used in a variety of dishes to add an extra element of flavor. Recipes Using This Ingredient Recipes – Braised Monk Fish, Agu Jjim 아구찜 Recipes – Bulgogi Meal – Bulgogi Sangjju Ssam (bulgogi in loose leaf lettuce rolls) Recipes – Spicy Bulgogi Bi Bim Bap – Korean Mixed … Read more

Radishes, Ponytail

Common Name: Ponytail Radish, Bachelor Radish 총각무 Chonggakmu A smaller variety of the Korean radish with a sharp but somewhat sweet taste, the bachelor radish is often used to make a variety of whole plant (leaves and root) kimchi. Korean radish is used raw in a variety of dishes, most notably in … Read more

Radish, Korean

Common Name: Mu Korean Radish, Tae Baek, 무, Mu There are many different varieties of Daikon, but all are larger and generally stronger flavored than the common red radish. Also known as Daikon, white radish, Japanese radish, Chinese radish, icicle radish, lo bak, loh baak, mooli, Oriental radish. A large Asian radish … Read more

Potatoes, russet, flesh and skin, raw

Common Name: Russet Potato, Baking Potato, gamja 감자 Recipes Using This Ingredient Recipes – Bokkum Bop (Korean Fried Rice) Ban Chan – Korean Style Potato Salad

Potatoes, red, flesh and skin, raw

Common Name: Red potatoes, ppalgang gamja 빨강 감자 Recipes Using This Ingredient Soups & Stocks – CheongGukJang – Korean Stinky Soybean Paste Stew Ban Chan – Gamja Jjorim – (Glazed potatoes)

Potato flour

Common Name: Potato flour, potato starch, gamja nokmal 감자녹말