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Weight Equivalents: Various Chili Peppers

Chili peppers originated in the Americas and were spread across the world after European exploration. They are used in both food and medicine and as non-lethal weapons (think pepper spray and the recent Chilli grenade using the Bhut Jalokia pepper).
Chilli peppers range from sweet and mild to extremely “hot” and sometimes bitter. They are used in various cuisines fresh, smoked/dried, dried whole, dried and ground, roasted, boiled, baked, stuffed; as sandwich toppings, as side dishes, snacks, dressing/garnish, etc.

Recent research into capsaicin (the component of chili peppers that makes them hot) suggests that chili peppers may be beneficial in reducing weight gain and may also have a positive effect in fighting cancer.

Ancho Pepper (dried Poblano)
Pepper Average 17g 0.6oz
Bananna Pepper, raw
small 4″ long 33g 1.16oz
medium 4 1/2″ long 46g 1.62oz
large 5″ long 75g 2.65oz
cup 124g 4.37oz
Chili Pepper, green or red, raw
pepper Average 45g 1.59oz
cup chopped 75g 2.65oz
Chili Pepper, Sun dried
pepper Average .5g .01oz
cup 37g 1.3oz
Jalapeño Pepper, raw
pepper Average 14g .49oz
cup sliced 90g 3.17oz
Serrano Pepper (raw)
Pepper Average 6.10g .2 oz
cup chopped 105g 3.7oz
Habenero Pepper (raw)
Pepper Average 8.70g .31 oz
cup chopped 105g 3.7oz
Hungarian Pepper (raw)
Pepper Average 27g 1 oz
Sweet Pepper, Red, Raw
Pepper Large 164g 5.8 oz
Pepper Medium 119g 4.2 oz
Pepper Small 74g 2.6 oz
cup chopped 140g 4.9 oz
Sweet Pepper, Green, Raw
Pepper Large 164g 5.8 oz
Pepper Medium 119g 4.2 oz
Pepper Small 74g 2.6 oz
cup chopped 140g 4.9 oz

Various spellings: Chili, Chilli, Chile are the three recognized spellings used around the world, also called capsicum in some areas. Other spellings: Chille, chilie, chillie.

Conversion from grams to ounce: 28.3495231g(rounded to 28.35)= 1 oz
Ounces shown are rounded up or down to the nearest tenth of an ounce.

Growing your own chili peppers has turned out to be pretty easy. I built several raised garden beds (very easy to make) and use one bed for assorted peppers. For the soil we used a mix of composted steer manure, some clean top soil, forest compost, and potting mix.
We plant both seeds and starter plants around the beginning of to mid April and are able to start harvesting by mid to late July.

Conversion From Fresh to Dried and Ground

Fresh Weight Dried/Ground Weight
10 lbs 1 lb

Drying your own chili peppers is a great way to have chili peppers available year round. Dried chilies are also a good way to create your own ground chili powder or pepper/spice blends. We usually sun dry an assortment, then freeze them, but there are times when the weather just doesn’t co-operate so we use an electric dehydrator.
Remove the stems and the green at the stem end before drying to reduce chances of mold.
When grinding dried peppers be sure to use a covered container, and allow the dust to settle before opening.

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