Weight Equivalents: Eggs

Eggs are eaten in nearly every culture. chicken eggs, goose eggs, duck eggs, ostrich eggs…
They are eaten fried, boiled, poached, steamed, scrambled, as omelets, Eggs can be in used soups, baking, salads, ground meats, as a batter, a fry dip, or as garnish.

How much does an egg weigh?

Eggs, Chicken
Jumbo 63g 2.2oz
Extra Large 56g 1.9oz
Large 50g 1.8oz
Medium 44g 1.6oz
Small 38g 1.3oz
Cup 243g 8.6oz
Cup, Jumbo 4 (3.9) Eggs 243g 8.6oz
Cup, Extra Large 4+ (4.34) Eggs 243g 8.6oz
Cup, Large 5 (4.86) Eggs 243g 8.6oz
Cup, Medium 5+ (5.52) Eggs 243g 8.6oz
Cup, Small 6+ (6.39) Eggs 243g 8.6oz
Cup, Whites 243g 8.6oz
Cup, Yolks 243g 8.6oz
Eggs, Chicken (British Sizes)
Size Weight Grams American Size/Weight Equivalant
Very Large 73g and up 2.6oz (no standard size equivalant)
Large 63 – 73g 2.4oz AVG – Jumbo
Medium 53 – 63g 2oz AVG – Large
Small Less than 53g 1.8oz or less – Medium/Small
Eggs, Duck
1 Egg Average 70g 2.5oz
Cup 3+ (3.47) Eggs 243g 8.6oz
Eggs, Goose
1 Egg Average 144g 5.1oz
Cup 1+ (1.68) Eggs 243g 8.6oz
Eggs, Quail
1 Egg Average 9g .3oz
Cup 27 Eggs 243g 8.6oz
Eggs, Turkey
1 Egg Average 79g 2.8oz
Cup 3 (3.08) Eggs 243g 8.6oz