Weight Equivalents: Peas

Peas are native to West Asia (Afghanistan, Iran, Northwest India) and Northern Africa (Ethiopia).
Peas were gathered by Roman Legionaires to supplement their rations

How much do peas weigh?

Peas, Snow, Edible Pod

Common Names: snow pea, Chinese snow pea, Chinese pea, Chinese pea pod, sugar pea, mange-tout pea, edible-podded pea. Usually sold by the pound but may be found in bunches.
Snow Peas are eaten whole, pod and all. Great raw in salads or lightly cooked (less than one minute) in stir frys.  Preparation is simple, just wash and trim the ends. Select crisp, flat peas that snap when you break them.
Substitutes: sugar snaps (rounder, sweeter, and crisper), asparagus, or bean sprouts (for stir-fry dishes)

BunchVaries: 10 to 20 pods34-68g1.2 to 2.4oz
Cup, ChoppedAbout 28 pods98g3.5oz
Cup, WholeAbout 18 pods63g2.2oz
Peas, Green,

Common Names: garden pea, English pea, green pea, shell pea, fresh pea. Usually sold by the pound but may be found in bunches.
Equivalents: One pound unshelled yields one cup shelled.
Green Peas are a sweet pea that appears in the summer months. Select brightly colored pods that are crisp enough to snap. Petits pois are a small and tender variety.
Substitutes: edamame or fresh lima beans

Cup, WholeAbout 1 lb unshelled145g5.1oz

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