Weight Equivalents: Plums

There are from 19 to 40 species of plums. Of these only two are of primary commercial use, the European and the Japanese plum. There are over 200 plum varieties derived from these two species, some sweet, some acidic, and some best suited for drying into prunes.
European plums probably originated in or near East European and Caucasian mountains, while the Japanese plum originated somewhere in China.
There are other species native to North America and Europe.
Plums are juicier than other stone fruits, and have a longer growing season.
Substitutes: (Any One Of) pluot (plum/apricot cross), aprium (apricot/plum cross) , loquat, prunes

How much does a plum weigh?

1 Fruit2-1/8″ Dia66g2.3oz
Cup, Slices165g5.8oz

This is a family of sweet, tropical fruits. Varieties include the black sapote (chocolate pudding fruit), the brown-skinned, pink-fleshed mamey sapote (mammee or mamey), and the white sapote (zapote blanco). Substitutes: (Any one of) sapodilla canistel soursop cherimoya persimmon plum peach mango

1 Fruit225g7.9oz

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