Weight Equivalents: Spinach

Spinach most likely originated in Ancient Persia (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan). It spread eastward through India into China, and westward through the Mediterranian area into Europe.
Spinach can be eaten raw (blanched) in salads, on sanswiches, seasoned and served, in soups, fried, stir fried, as wraps….

How much does spinach weigh?

Spinach (Standard American) raw
1 bunch 340g 12oz
1 cup 30g 1oz
1 leaf 10g 0.4oz
1 pkg (10oz) 284g 10oz
Spinach, Mustard (tendergreen) raw
1 cup chopped 150g 5.3oz
Spinach, New Zealand
1 cup, chopped 56g 2oz
1 leaf (12-1/4″ long) 16g 0.6oz
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