10 great recipes for any occasion

Whether it’s a birthday party or a christening, having a great desert is something that people will always remember. That’s of course if there isn’t too much alcohol involved. Here in this article I’m gonna hand pick some great recipes that I think could be the star of the show at any kind of party or celebration.

We will cater to all, not just the majority. Offering choices of vegan or vegetarian and even low sugar and low fat. Whatever the dietary requirements are you’ll find something for you, but just below i’ll let know what recipes i’ll be offering in this article

1 – Cheesecake recept  – This recipe will be a crowd pleaser, yes it won’t be vegan or low fat. But the majority of people will eat this

2 – Chocolate cake – Now again, another crowd pleaser, but maybe this one will please them even more. Chocolate cake is always a no-brainer, right?

3 – Vegan brownie – This is the sort of thing that is becoming more and more available. It think again this could even be a crowd pleaser

4 – Meringue – What an amazing and versatile desert, so many add ons and adjustments can be made to make it look beautiful

5 – Keto cookies – Great for people who are now following the growing in popularity diet called keto, this diet is low in carbohydrates. So it’s not easy to find a good dessert you can imagine

6 – Brookies – Ok, so you çlove cookies and you love brownies. How do we pick between the two of them? Well you don’t need to, brookies combine both brownie and cookies so you’re covered

7 – Low fat cheesecake – Looking to consume less sugar? The answer is probably yes right? But you also love eating foods that a generally high in sugar, well this is for you then i think

8 – Millionaire shortbread – I’ve got no words for this, if you have no dietary requirements. Just try it and thank me later, you wont regret it

9 – Bolo de bolacha – Originating in the far western country of Portugal, this simple easy to throw together desert is for sure going to shock your guests and they’ll be bothering you for the receptor for weeks to come

10 -Tiramisu – Another European desert, they just do it so well over there. The Italians have mastered pretty much everything

1. Cheesecake recept

So coming in at number one, I had to choose this cheesecake. Just everything about it, from the simplicity of the recipe and the taste of the desert which is to die for. If I could choose one desert to eat for the rest of my life I reckon it would have to be this cheesecake. The saltiness from the caramel cuts thought of the soft cheese like a hot knife going through butter so like I said I had to put this one at number one so you’d consider this as your first option. But then again, if you have certain dietary requirements. This recipe may not be suited to them

2. Chocolate cake

I think I already mentioned before, can you really go wrong with a lovely chocolate cake? I think vegans could even forget they’re vegan when they see this beauty. Being even more simple and easy to prepare than the cheesecake I spoke about above. It makes it a number two for definite, it’d be a sin to put it any lower

3. Vegan brownie

So this recipe is firstly great for vegans, but I also have to add that these little vegan brownies are great for anyone who’s trying to watch they’re weight. Coming in at only 70 calories per portion, they’re great to allow yourself one or two whilst still trying to drop a few of your unwanted pounds

4. Meringue

So here is the ultimate desert in my opinion. You can do so many different things with these puffy little clouds. I wont get into them as we’d be here all day, but once you’ve made them you can keep them for such a long time too. Just be sure to keep them inside a sealed box, this will ensure that they stay as fresh as possible. Meaning they can be enjoyed whenever you want

5. Keto cookies

Being on a keto diet must be tough, having to eliminate pretty much all the carbohydrates from your diet is a big commitment. Therefore you deserve a treat every now and then for sure. But of course you don’t want to cheat on your diet and mess up all that hard work do you. So that’s where the keto cookies will come in to save the day, that doesn’t mean you can eat the whole batch though, ok?

6. Brookies

So these aren’t just a mix between brownies and cookies, they are also eggless. Meaning if you don’t have eggs, you’ll most likely have the rest of the basic ingredients in your home. Or maybe eggs just don’t really sit too well with your stomach. This can be hard especially if you enjoy having a desert or two every now and then. So these brookies are an excellent choice for you if this is a perfect description of you

7. Low fat cheesecake

So we’ve already discussed how great cheesecake is, it made the top spot so it must be good. But what about cheesecake for people who don’t want all those extra calories, this is the one for you. Coming in at only 160 calories, you could have 2 of these for every one serving of the first place cheesecake. Am i recommend you do that, no not at all. But can you? Yes!!

8. Millionaire shortbread

I said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no words for this. Just taste it and thank me later

9. Bolo de bolacha

This is my personal favourite, super simple. Barely any ingredients for cooking skills are required

10. Tiramisu

This one is an Italian gem, the flavour of the soggy sponge and fresh whipped cream. Yes I know, this one isn’t great for the waistline. But you’ve got to live a little right