Dota 2 | How To Be Better Mid Player

The central lane is one of the most demanded positions in League of Legends. A large part of Valve game players want to act as mid, as it is one of the most complete and variable roles in the entire game. All kinds of heroes can be played: from assassins to support fighters.

To be the center of the highlights on the central street, you should master its complexities. Whatever your favorite hero or your style of play, you will always have an impact, but this can be positive or negative. Therefore, in this article, we are going to give you tips on how to be a better mid player in Dota 2.

Mid Position In Dota 2

The center lane is the most important lane in the game since it is the shortest line to reach the enemy base. Heroes with a lot of damage and importance are usually played in this phase. The mid position requires certain qualities and responsibilities you need to acquire to play the role properly.

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Required Qualities

Being on the central street, you need to look for maximum damage in the shortest possible time. To this we add a point of attack speed, one of strength, and magical resistance, depending on the rival team. Thus, one quality that you need as a mid player is to make decisions in the blink of an eye.

Another key thing that will determine you as a good central player is awareness. So, try to find a balance between keeping a track on the minimap and figuring out when you might get ganked.


Since the mid position is a mechanically intensive role, it requires many responsibilities. However, most of them move around pushing the waves, supporting your team, taking out murders, and looking for space to your carry. Therefore, as the mid laner of your team, you should act like both a part-time farmer and ganker.

Top 3 Mid Laners In 7.31d

There are a bunch of different heroes to be played in the center lane, each with its unique abilities. Here are the top 3 mid heroes in patch 7.31d.

Lone Druid

This is a hero with unique gameplay, great for the mid lane. His Summon Spirit Bear ability allows him to endure more magical damage to the enemy and live longer. Lone Druid has a deadly duo with Visage (mid) and Juggernaut (carry). These combinations can win your team the match with 58.4% and 57.1% rate, respectively.

Arc Warden

Arc Warden is one of the best mid lane heroes with the ability to increase the potential of any item, as well as unusual gameplay. His Flux’s ability allows him to slow the target and deal damage over time. Arc Warden and Wraith King can create a strong combo that will definitely force the enemy out of lane.


It is a melee hero, one of the richest mid laners in the game due to his abilities. Of all strengths, it is worth noting a Greevil’s Greed ability, which provides additional gold for runes of wealth and creeps. If combined with Spectre, the mid hero will have the highest win rate in a game, which is 54.1%.

Tips To Be Better Mid In Dota 2

The mid position is a difficult role to play since it requires a thorough knowledge of strategic vision, hero matchups, and item choices. However, with the tips below and the practice tool, you can quickly learn the main premises of this position.

Adapt the Runes to the Game

To improve the hero abilities for a temporary time, the Valve video game has specific boosters in it, called the runes. They are divided into two sections that are power runes and bounty runes.

These boosters generate a wide variety of mechanics within the game. So, it is necessary to control the timings of them in order to generate advantages in your favor. For example, it is ideal to push out the midline position when it is time for power runes, forcing the enemy to defend. This allows you to secure the runes.

Expand Your Range of Heroes

With a certain number of heroes, you can learn the basics of Dota 2 and have at your fingertips the knowledge of how their confrontations work. However, once you have reached this point, you must expand your range of champions so as not to get stuck in a specific style of play.

Control the lane and place vision strategically

One of the basic aspects of the central lane is to get its priority and rotate next to the jungle. Thus, in the middle, it is important to manage the subjects according to the needs of the item. Keep in mind that pushing waves is great, but on some occasions. For instance, in a favorable matchup, it is often wise to do a slow push to abuse the opponent as much as possible and emerge victorious even from numerical inferiorities.