The best resources for all EURO 2021 fans

What are the best resources to use to stay informed about EURO 2021 news, where you can see the best predictions and find information to make good sports bets?

The best resources for all EURO 2021 fans

EURO 2021 is the event that millions of fans around the world are waiting for. Even though the competition takes place among European teams, this contest is interesting to watch for all football fans. For fans not only to enjoy good games but also to make money on the victories of their favorite teams, there are a large number of services where you can learn more about EURO 2021. Based on the data received, you can make a good bet and break a big win.

Features of Euro 2021

EURO is a football soccer competition held between European teams every 4 years. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, EURO 2020 was postponed and held in 2021.

The championship runs from 11 June to 11 July and will feature 51 games. In total, 24 teams from all over Europe participate in the competition. The contest was founded by the UEFA Football Association.

If earlier EURO took place in one or two countries that border each other. This year, 11 countries will accept EURO, so watching the competition becomes even more interesting.

Most popular services about EURO 2021

Every year, the number of EURO fans is only growing, and accordingly, a large number of different services appear that provide complete information about the games at the event. Often, if you do not take into account some information, you can make the wrong decision and bet on the team that is most likely to lose.

Scores24, as one of the most demanded sports services

If you want to get the latest football information, then Scores24 is the ideal assistant. Here you can find information about the upcoming games, full analytics on the games of all teams that participate in EURO 2021.

The advantage of is that you can keep track of the events that are most important to you, so as not to miss an important match, you can bookmark it. The system will send you a notification before starting the game. This is often quite useful.

In addition to information about games and teams, here you can find forecasts of famous analysts, interest rates from different bookmakers. The Scores24 service cooperates with many bookmakers, so it can tell you what conditions each of them offers. Here you can get additional bonuses on bets from different bookmakers, which is an important advantage.

All information here is updated in real-time, so if you do not have the opportunity to watch the match itself, you can always find out its score.

The Scores24 website is made in several languages ​​(English, Russian, Italian, Spanish), so fans from around the world can receive information here in an understandable language.

In general, the following advantages of the service can be distinguished:

  • A large number of various background information about football;
  • You can get analytics from renowned experts;
  • Information is presented as clearly as possible for each fan;
  • If there are good reviews of leading bookmakers and bonuses from them.

If you want not only to follow the world of EURO 2021 but also make good money on your hobby for football, then Scores24 will be a great helper for you., as a service of the competition founder

The UEFA Football Association is the founder of the competition, so it makes a lot of decisions related to the fate of EURO 2021. That is why a large number of people follow the service.

Here you will find only official information, a lot of analytics. UEFA talks about its plans for the future, this year’s innovations, explains why certain decisions were made, and also tries to make EURO 2021 more understandable and accessible, even for a person who has never been interested in football.

It is worth noting that the information here is the most authoritative because it is given firsthand.

Fantasy Football Pundits is a service with good analytics

Fantasy Football Pundits is mainly specialized in analytics. Here you will find information on the highlights of EURO 2021, learn more about the different teams, and find useful facts. As a rule, all data here are for informational purposes, they are always written very easily and clearly. This service can easily be called an e-magazine for football fans.

Sky sports is the site with the best stats

If you are more interested in dry game statistics, take a look at Skysports. Here you will find numerous tables with the results of the games and the schedule of future confrontations. Of course, there is also news here, but most users appreciate it precisely for its concise presentation of data.

What to look for when choosing a reliable source

Online betting becomes much more effective if the fan examines the information about the upcoming game before placing a bet. In this case, the probability of getting a prize becomes much higher. To speed up the search and processing of the necessary information, you can find a service where everything is already there.

When choosing such a service, you must make sure that it contains:

  • Dry statistics;
  • Detailed analytics from reputable experts;
  • Information about past and upcoming games (not only the results of both teams but also the composition of the players and the head coach);
  • Rating of bookmakers and odds.

All information must be presented as easily and clearly as possible so that you can get the most out of communication with the service. Before making the final choice, read the analytics on several sites and see where the information is presented in the most understandable and accessible way for you. Most of the fans only choose Scores24, because there is everything a fan needs to be the first to know about all the news from the world of sports (not only about Euro but also about other competitions) and make good bets.