Top Best Gourmet Casinos

Gambling is a world-famous field that people from different parts of the world have fallen in love with. Light, relaxing, but at the same time keeping in a pleasant tension, games have become a real hobby for fans of risk and vivid sensations.

You can appreciate the beauty of this sphere even without leaving the walls of the house. Numerous online casinos made it possible to enjoy the games while sitting on the couch and sipping your favorite drink. And aggregators of online casino sites that publish honest reviews on the most popular platforms will help you choose the best casino not on gamstop.

However, some people still prefer offline casinos, because visiting them serves as an excellent reason to change the environment and get vivid impressions. It is not uncommon for players to gather in companies and go to another country, wanting to enjoy the game in the most sophisticated casinos in the world. One of the most visited places is Las Vegas, which is the unofficial capital of gambling.

Stratosphere Restaurant is the coziest place in Las Vegas

Gambling is undoubtedly food for the mind and a source of vivid emotions, but besides this, one should not forget about physical needs. Some gambling tours include sleep and food, so you don’t have to worry too much about that. Sometimes in the casinos themselves you can find a restaurant or bar where you can have a cocktail and dine with nice people, discussing your gaming experience. But often the menu in such places is quite expensive, because it is calculated that casinos are visited by people with high incomes, who usually do not even look at their checks.

If dinner at the casino itself seems like a waste to you, or you just have a passion for adventure and want to visit as many interesting places in the city as possible, you should choose several options for yourself where you can enjoy your meal and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. And the first in the list of the best Las Vegas establishments is undoubtedly the Stratosphere restaurant.

The restaurant is located on the very top floor of the Stratosphere hotel, while the entrance to it is free, that is, to visit it is not necessary to rent a room in the hotel itself. The windows of the institution offer a wonderful view of the city – both during the day and at night.

But the most important feature of the place is that the restaurant makes a complete revolution on its axis in an hour.

The only peculiarity is that a strict dress code is required to enter the establishment. Clothes should be clean, ironed and elegant. This maintains the overall style and atmosphere of the restaurant.

Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurant – the place where you can meet the legendary chef

The restaurant is located right on the territory of one of the most adorable hotels and casinos in Las Vegas called Paris.

Lovers of French cuisine will be delighted with the menu, presentation and appearance of the dishes. The staff of the establishment makes sure that a simple lunch turns into a whole event that you will want to remember many years later. The kitchen belongs to the famous chef Wolfgang Pak, after whom the establishment is named.

As an added bonus, the restaurant offers a wonderful view of the city, which is equally beautiful both during the day and at night. From the window of the establishment you can see the famous Strip, as well as mesmerizing fountains.

Red Square restaurant is a unique place for all lovers of Russian culture

Red Square is a truly unique place that visitors will love at least for its uniqueness and color. After all, this is a restaurant in Las Vegas where you can enjoy red caviar and vodka, so unusual in the local culture.

In addition, the place is world famous for its pizza with tuna or bacon with Brussels sprouts, which can only be tasted in this place. Rather, the recipes that chefs use are really unique, and it will be difficult to find something similar in any other institution.

Visitors often note the merits of the bar, generously thank you for high-quality alcohol and delicious cocktails. In addition, various celebrities have chosen this place, so once having dinner here after another successful game in the casino, you can meet your idol, peacefully eating at the next table.

Picasso Restaurant – a real paradise for lovers of Italian cuisine

Fans of exquisite, rich and inviting Italian cuisine simply will not be able to bypass this place, because the owners really came up with a soul to create a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The restaurant’s menu is replete with a variety of traditional art-loving dishes such as foie gras and oysters. Here you can enjoy perfectly aged Italian wines and desserts.

But the main highlight of the Picasso establishment is the art gallery, which is located right in the restaurant. After enjoying dinner, you can expand your experience by getting aesthetic pleasure from the paintings of talented artists decorating the walls of the Picasso restaurant.

And this is just a small part of the truly unique and inimitable establishments that can be found in Las Vegas. Combining gambling with interesting and cozy restaurants is the best way to spend an unforgettable vacation.