5 Reasons Not to Give up on Studies


The modern world is full of opportunities for everyone. A person only needs a goal, a strong desire to achieve it, a lot of motivation and self-organization, an Internet, and a device. That is it. The examples of numerous successful bloggers and medium-business owners have proven that anyone can reach heights.

“Then why should I study and work so hard to get that diploma?” This question seems logical, taking into account the above statements. Unfortunately, more and more young people motivated by the success of others decide to quit their studies. But not all of them manage to reach the same heights. So, if you are among those brave students who are ready to give up on studies, here are the main reasons why you should NOT do this.

1. A Higher Education Has Not Harmed Anyone

It does not matter if you are going to work in the field you have chosen for education. Your diploma will always be on your CV. Probably, after graduation, you will launch your own project, and it will be successful for the next few years. But are there any guarantees? Absolutely no. If you have to close your business for any of the reasons, there will be a backup plan, i.e., your education. Yes, you will start from the very beginning; however, it is still better than nothing.

2. There Are More Job Options

After graduation, not everyone can find a job fast. That is true. However, your knowledge can be useful in other fields. For example, you can be tutoring or become one of the RapidEssay writers. In the latter case, only specialists with diplomas are allowed. What prospects will you have without it? Unfortunately, there will be fewer possibilities with an unfinished higher education.

3. You Will Not Waste Money

How many years have you already finished? Two? Three? How much have your parents paid for it? Do not forget to include your nutrition, accommodation, and other expenses. It is quite a considerable amount of money, isn’t it? Just think about yourself throwing these finances in the trash. Your parents are going to be no less frustrated and disappointed. Are you ready to take full financial responsibility for your life?

4. College and University Acquaintances

If you quit your studies, what are the chances that you will continue communication with your mates? But people you are in touch with now can be the main circle of your acquaintances in the future. And it is not only about friendship. Nowadays, having useful contacts is as crucial as having talent. Why refuse these contacts?

5. “Do Not Give Up” Habit

At least once in life, almost everyone feels burning out. This may happen in college or at work, in every sphere of your life. Giving up whenever you experience difficulties is not the best idea. Besides, successful people are not wasting their efforts. Take a break, relax, and reload. Probably, it is worth asking for a week of studies. This will help you get distracted and come back to your studies with a refreshed brain.

In general, the benefits of higher education cannot be underestimated. Even if it is too complicated now, do not give up and continue studying. In the future, you will be grateful to yourself for this decision and the strength of your will. After all, only strong people can boast of achievements and success in life. Accept this challenge and move on.