Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall’s tumbling leaves are so peaceful, but it is a wake-up call that winter is nearly here for many homeowners. So what better time to do some home maintenance to keep your home in tip-top shape during the rain and snowstorm. Here is a list of how you can get your home ready for the bitter cold that lies ahead. And you can also click the link to contact the experts in air conditioning repair denver.

1. Check the Gutters

Gutters get clogged with leaves, twigs, and debris, leading to ice dams. These dams cause melting water that flows back into your home. So instead of having expensive repairs done click here and save yourself some money by removing the debris from the gutters. In addition, check that the gutter hangers are tight and that downspout brackets that are worn are replaced. Also, check that the downpipes extend at least five feet away from the foundation.

2. Do a Caulk Walk

Check the exterior of the home to see if it is airtight. Look for cracks that can cause air leaks or lead to energy loss when using your HVAC system. You can easily do this with a tube of caulk along the walls. The caulk seals air leaks and cracks.

3. Check the Roof

There is no need to get on top of the roof and can remain on the ground. You can use a pair of binoculars to look for cracked, missing, or buckled shingles. If you notice any damage having them replaced saves you money in the long run. Read this Roof Top Services blog to learn some spring cleaning tips for your Orlando roof.

4. Clean the Chimney

You want to enjoy a warm fire, right! So, of course, you do, so you need to clean your chimney and fireplace. Also, do not forget about the vents. You do not want all that smoke returning inside the home. So invest in a professional chimney sweep to help.

5. Get That HVAC System Sorted Out

No one wants to end up in the morning in the cold only to find you have no heat. So get a fall-heating tune-up done with a duct-cleaning contractor or contact hvac repair Las Vegas for your HVAC maintenance needs. Having the HVAC cleaned is a great way to make sure the air quality in your home is clean at the same time.

The duct-cleaning provider will make sure the supply and return air ducts are working. In addition, they will make sure the grilles and diffusers are in tip-top condition. Then, with special tools, they will dislodge the dirt and debris found in the system and follows it up with a sanitizing process. Doing this washes away all the mess. Once done, they do an air filter change with final testing to make sure everything works well.

The duct-cleaning professionals remove every part of the forced air system to clean and reinstall to ensure the seal’s work. So you can expect dryer vent cleaning, duct cleaning, air filter replacement to the HVAC cleaning part of the package.

So make sure to get these projects ticked off your fall checklist to keep your home clean from pollutants and cozy for the winter ahead.

You might also want to get some residential window cleaners just to add some extra sparkle.