How to Clean a Refrigerator (and Keep It Clean)?

The refrigerator is the most significant appliance in your kitchen. When it comes to cleaning, it is the most neglected appliance too. However, you may sometimes clean if you ever spill something. But regular cleaning can make it more energy-efficient and increase longevity. However, fridge cleaning can be difficult sometimes if you don’t know how to clean orderly.

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Following are the ways to clean the fridge efficiently.

Necessary items you need

Baking soda, hot water, an old toothbrush, dish towels, and dish soaps are needed. To prepare the fluid, mix one portion of baking soda into seven portions of hot water and then stir till the baking soda gets dissolved.

Empty your fridge

Empty your refrigerator and take all your food items before start cleaning, through away any expired food. However, if you want to clean the outside of your fridge, you don’t need to open the fridge or empty it.

Do you need to unplug the fridge?

It depends. Unplugging is not necessary unless you clean the coil. However, you can unplug it to stay safe.

Clean shelves or drawers

Take out all the shelves and drawers and wash them with your hand gently. You can use regular dish soap to clean these. However, if the drawers are made of glass, you will have to wait until the drawers become room temperature. You will have to make sure that everything gets dried before putting them back into the fridge. Moreover, you can check this website about regular house cleaning tips.

Clean the unremovable shelves

Soak the dish towel and wipe the shelves from top to bottom. To clean a sticky surface, you can put a little pressure while wiping. For the corner sports, when your hand cannot reach, use the old toothbrush.

Clean inside of the refrigerator

Gently wipe down the inner part of the fridge with a soaked cloth. However, you will have to make sure that the soap you used to soak the cloth doesn’t have chlorine in it.

Clean outside of the refrigerator

Wipe the surface and outside with a soft and damp cloth soaked in dish soap. Chlorine-free dish soap is necessary to keep your fridge rust-free and damage-free. After done wiping down, use a dry cloth to dry out the water from the surface.

Clean the seal around the door

Soak a cloth in hot water mixed with dish soap, and then clean the seals. However, you will need to be careful while cleaning. Technically it is called gaskets, which is a rubber seal around the door. When cleaning, rub gently as the gaskets can come out.

Clean the condenser coil

Although you don’t need to clean the condenser coil regularly, cleaning once a year is recommended. To clean the coil, you will need a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attached to it. Gently vacuum with the brash. While vacuuming, any kind of pressure should be avoided.

You can follow the above-mentioned process every time you clean the fridge. However, you can clean once every 3-6 months. If you use the fridge single-handedly and don’t get dirty, you can clean once a year. Hence it remains clean most of the time.