How You Can Help Support Small Businesses in Orlando

It is no secret that the Coronavirus has devasted the small business sector. The hospitality sector, for instance, has seen plummeting numbers of customers. As the virus continues to take its horrific toll in human life bars and restaurants have been faced with the regulation governing distance between seated patrons, limits to how many customers are permitted on their premises, and the necessity for the wearing of masks and increased levels of disinfection.

The upshot of this is increased costs and ever-decreasing revenue. This has been exacerbated by the fact that many consumers are simply not comfortable in crowded spaces – the dining experience seems to simply have had all the joy sucked from it (and deliveries can only go so far to fill the gap). But it is not only hospitality that has suffered.

Almost every single small business that relies to some extent on person-to-person contact is struggling. Doctor’s rooms and dental practices are empty. Roofing professionals are struggling to find customers, as are plumbers, electricians, and pest control companies (among many others) – and the situation is going to get worse as belt-tightening becomes the order of the day due to job losses.   When looking for a reliable service, you should consider choosing redding roofing company to get satisfying work.

So, it’s up to the public in places like Orlando to make an extra effort to support small local businesses. They are the backbone of the community and simply do not have the resources available to multinationals that will allow them to weather the storm.

So, what can the members of the community do to make sure that these small businesses have a fighting chance of staying afloat?

Firstly – simply direct your business to them. It may be easier and marginally cheaper to buy goods from online retail giants like Amazon, but simply visiting a local retailer, browsing in the real world, chatting to loyal staff (and sometimes owners) is something that cannot be replicated through an online experience, it provides the joy of interacting with real people and those extra pennies you spend will help breadwinners put food on the table – and avoid another of those dreaded ‘to rent’ signs on an empty shop window that are becoming so common.

Secondly – use the power of the Internet to do some good. Bad reviews of services and products are all too common on the Internet – but if you have received service that is exceptional, recognize it online. The power of a good review should never be underestimated – and make sure that you spread the good news through your social media channels.

How about getting a gift card for that special someone when an anniversary or birthday (or any special occasion) is a reason for celebration? It’s an easy way to show that you care for not only the recipient – but also small businesses that are part of the community.

Here’s something else, spend money at your local small business of choice, but don’t forget that financial help is only part of the support that you can give. Take a moment to chat with owners and employees – and let them know you’ve got their back. That psychological support is valuable.

The small businesses that are affected provide services in a huge variety of sectors, some that may not immediately spring to mind. For instance, pest control businesses. They offer an incredibly important service to the community – and think about this. Pests, be they rodents or insects get much of their nourishment from garbage that is generated by the hospitality sector – that’s just part of modern life.

That sector has seen more closures than any other in the United States, which means less garbage. You may think that’s good news – but where do you think those hungry pests are headed for their next meal? Your home. So, when you are thinking about supporting small businesses in Orlando – perhaps the old saying that ‘charity begins at home’ should be considered – your home, where hygiene and a pest-free existence are incredibly important. Give the local pest control company a call – it’s a way to show you care – for local business and your family – everybody wins.