The Hottest Trends in Photography Business Cards

A business card is essential for the business circle in every field. From film stars to filmmakers, everyone uses contact card to share details. Business card convenient and a professional tool to promote your brand or service in front of customers, dealer or vendors in the market. It is a resource to get many opportunities and produce great referrals. By designing the right type of the card and putting the correct details, you can achieve maximum potential customers. Since it is a marketing tool, you need to put effort into designing the same as people do with TVCs and other marketing strategies.

The card should tell the customers about your work at one glance. Also, the card design must be attractive and prominent so that customers can consider your over others on the same field. Along with better services and products, considering market strategies and making it better by time is equally important. The trend of a business card is changing. Previously simply printed brand name, logo and contact details were enough, but now there is massive competition in every field. The card must be attractive and original in design. A tea bag shape card for your café or bakery business cards with the chef baking the read are some excellent ideas for card styles.

Design a photography business card with these tips

For businesses and services related to science, or research are considerably simple. But for the artistic business like photography, painting or fashion designer are supposedly more creative. The card should tell the customer about your personality and your work environment too. For example, classic black and white photography business cards will portray a sophisticated and high notch studio. At the same time, designs with flower motifs, colours and vibrancy will show a relaxed and fun environment. You can design your business card with this trick to portray your business and working environment and attract the right customers.

Custom shape and orientation

The design and shape of the card tell many things about the work. The material tells the client about service quality. Also, a plan that shows more effort portrays that you are not only earning money from the job but also giving the right services. The card shape helps the client to recognize you and your brand easily. For example, a square card will be more prominent than the traditional rectangular ones.


There is a massive range of colours you can use to make your custom designs. A pastel palette or the neon ones, white or black backgrounds with colourful foreground or classic black and white, you can choose the colour according to your business style. Colours on the card can show your personality to the client. More sophisticated your card looks more you will be considered a high-end photographer. There are also options to be straightforward with the card but colour the edges with either neon or sober colours.

Graphic and logos

To make your card identifiable make it clear with your logos and the pictures. You can use customized icons to put your contact details on your card. Also, your logo must be clear, unique and attractive at the same time. A vivid logo can create confusion that can lead to the loss of an opportunity. Nicely designed logos like an embellishment with camera design or a movie role will give an idea of your to the client.


Adding a picture is becoming common nowadays. It is good to add a work sample to your card that can help customers to understand your work quality. Also, there are many types of photographer such as for wedding, modelling, landscapes, etc., so a picture can tell the client what do you exactly do. The more you make the card clear to the customers, the more it will help to bring the right customers. Creating barriers to understanding can cause losing potential customers.

Link to your work

Another trendy thing to do in your photography card is to a link and shows your work. If you have a website, social media page or any other link to electronic medium and internet, upload a video or your portfolio there and make a connection with your card. You can add a QR code or website link to show your work. Also, you can add a video to show your studio to the customer through an e-connection

The population is growing and the competition in every field too. To make your brand unique, you need to be creative and original with all your strategies and designs, especially with your business card. To get a prominent space in the photography industry, you must learn to attract the right clients and to portray with your business card.