What You Need to Know About Earning a BSN Degree

Those who have worked as RNs (registered nurses) may wonder if they should go back to school for a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree through an RN to BSN program. It’s a significant investment of a student’s time and money, but it can provide numerous benefits. Read on to learn about BSN degrees and how they build a more rewarding career.

What’s a BSN?

A BSN is a four-year nursing degree that gives students more in-depth study opportunities, and it is a prerequisite to a graduate degree in nursing. BSN programs encompass various subjects, including case management, nursing research, care delivery, community health, strategic planning, and much more. Students acquire new skills and sharpen existing ones when they earn a BSN degree.

BSN Benefits for Nurses

Earning a BSN brings crucial benefits to a person’s nursing career. From higher earnings and better job opportunities to improved care and patient outcomes, earning a BSN is a wise career choice. Learning about these benefits may help students understand why they should earn a degree.

  • Increased earning potential. Earning a BSN increases a nurse’s earning potential, but salaries may vary depending on location, job title, and other factors.
  • Opportunities for advancement. Working as a registered nurse with a BSN allows a person to explore additional opportunities. Those looking for leadership roles can use a BSN to become a nurse manager or supervisor, or to pursue a graduate degree in nursing.
  • Improved skills and knowledge. Studying for a BSN gives students a deeper knowledge of nursing, which boosts job performance and brings more opportunities.
  • Greater demand. The field’s demand for BSN degree holders continues to rise, due to an increased focus on the improvement of the quality of care.
  • A chance to narrow their focus. When a person earns a BSN, they get the chance to focus on narrower areas of care, such as pediatrics, geriatrics, and oncology. This gives a degree holder the chance to have a career that fits their goals.
  • Better patient care and more succesful outcomes. As a registered nurse with a BSN, one can get the training needed to provide high-quality care. Sharpening skills, acquiring new ones, and learning more will help nurses care for their patients more effectively, improving outcomes and increasing job satisfaction.
  • Working toward a graduate degree. Earning a graduate degree in nursing brings even more career opportunities. When a person earns their BSN, they can then work toward a master’s degree or a doctorate. By working through a BSN program, a student will study principles and concepts that expand their skill set.

Earning a BSN takes effort and time. If your work and home life make going back to school a challenge, Felbry College does offer some online options. With a flexible program, a student can take classes at their own pace within a predetermined period. It’s a convenient way for an RN to earn their degree while working.

Learn More About the Felbry College BSN Program

Our BSN program offers a simple way for a registered nurse to earn their BSN degree. We’re here to help students improve their career prospects and the quality of care they provide. If you’re considering earning a BSN to advance your career or explore other opportunities, please contact Felbry College today. We are pledged to your success!