Your Spring Style Guide: How to Rock a Dark Green Dress

After two years of lockdowns and more time spent inside, who doesn’t want to throw on something cute and enjoy the perfect spring weather? One of the best colors for spring is green– everything is coming back to life and as the flowers bloom and the trees come back to life you can match their energy with your wardrobe. Who doesn’t want that? Here are some fun ways to look good in a dark green dress:

Go for the Gold

I bet during the pandemic you entertained yourself with some online shopping. And some of that shopping was for jewelry, wasn’t it? Well, even if not, dig up some of your favorite gold pieces or treat yourself to a new necklace or earrings, because nothing looks better with a dark green dress than gold. Do you want to feel like an earthy goddess? The best way to be mistaken for one is pairing your new dark green frock with some gold link necklaces, a gold charm necklace, gold hoops, gold anything. Don’t worry too much about what type of gold it is, because style right now is all about showing your personality. Does your grandma have some cute gold rings? Vintage is great for the Earth and also great for your wardrobe. What I’m telling you is to throw on as much gold jewelry as you want, because it will look gorgeous with your dress, no matter how much or how little you wear.

Layers for Days

Layers are for those days you are going to be out from morning until night so you are dealing with all the elements spring has to offer. Possible rain? Frigid cold and then sunny warmth two hours later? Anything is possible. Throw on the Lotte Cardigan (it’s Olivia Rodrigo approved) to give your outfit a cute cropped look, or put on a vegan leather jacket if you need a bit more warmth and want to show everyone how edgy you are– the Veda Longline will pair perfectly with any dark green dress options. Y2K is making a fashion comeback in a big way, so a light washed denim jacket will be both stylish and complimentary to the green and gold you already have on. Your outerwear is a further expression of you, so try to show off how you feel (and keep yourself warm when the sun goes down).

Are You Walking?

One of the most important parts of any outfit are the shoes. If you are going to be running errands all day or want to give your dress a more laid-back feel go for a platform white sneaker- it would pair so well with a denim or vegan leather jacket. This outfit will show you are a strong person with things to accomplish but you also took the time to look in the mirror before leaving. It might be effortless and very comfy, but people will look at you and see someone who has it all together (even if all you are doing is grabbing a cold brew and staring at your computer screen for hours). Do you have an exciting night planned out with a Bumble match? Do you want to make sure he knows you care about the Earth? Check out our block heels, they are as sustainable as our dresses so they are the next best option to thrifting a pair. Black heels can be worn with just about any outfit so they are an excellent investment to make, and they happen to look wonderful with dark green. Look good for your date or your night out with friends in style- you deserve it. If you work in the office, throw on some of our mules so you look like you’re trying even if you aren’t- once again I am partial to black, it just pairs so well with dark green and allows your gold jewelry to be the star of the show.

Something to Carry Your Keys In

You want to make sure your keys, wallet, and mask are easy to access, so I suggest a black vegan leather bag. It will work well for any occasion and will look great with your green number- and it’ll match your shoes! Need something a bit bigger to carry your laptop (and hair clips) to work or the coffee shop? Grab a tote bag. It’ll show everyone you are laid back and always on the go, but in a really laid-back way. Pick a black or neutral bag so your dress and gold jewelry can still be the star of the show.

With these combinations you can look stylish and timeless with pieces that will never go out of style- the best choice for your wallet and the environment.