The Top 5 Health Benefits of Ginger Shots

Ginger is a powerful, all natural and organic root that can impact your health journey and help you achieve your goals. It’s rich in nutrients and is far more than just a common household spice. Let’s see how Ginger can become a powerful tool for you on your health journey!

You Are You!

The process of discovering what your individual healthy journey looks like is a big one. For all of us, making the decision to take our health into our own hands and improve our lives is a personal commitment that only we can make. A false truth that a lot of people fall into when they begin this journey is that they have to imitate in order to make it! Meaning, they have to find a pattern that’s already been prescribed, a way of living that is already mapped out and strictly follow that rule of thumb.

With the advent of social media and the rise and popularity of influencers in our society, it’s never been easier to find someone you admire and shape your life after them. While learning from others and growing knowledge that influencers may have is a great tool, it can be a plan that doesn’t play out well in the long run. Your life is uniquely yours and your health journey will also be uniquely yours. While it may look similar to others it will never be identical.

So for the person who is serious about starting their health journey or improving it, the process of understanding who they are and what they want and need is an important step in that journey. Part of that process is mapping out what tools you have to help you and push you further toward your goals.

Going Back to Nature

One of the best steps you can take in growing your inventory of powerful tools to help you on your health journey is exploring natural foods! Fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries are all provided through nature and can house incredible health benefits. Vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and strong proteins all grow right out of the ground and are typically even delicious to eat!

Learning about natural, organic plant based supplements like a ginger shot is a great way to improve your health and make it work uniquely for your life. So what exactly are the benefits of a ginger shot and what do you need to know about this powerful shot?

1. Ginger is Helps Out Your Digestive System

Ginger root itself is a plant that has been used for mellina by multiple cultures for various reasons. For one, it smells terrific and can be used as seasoning thanks to its unique flavor profile. It has a remarkable taste and smell that matches it’s yellow color with warmth and savoriness.

Not only that tho, but it’s been used medicinally through the ages well. Ginger has a chemical compound called gingerol that acts to help promote healthy digestive support. Taking ginger after a meal or even through the day can help improve your digestive system.

2. Ginger Has a Calming Effect

Ginger is a great way to help calm down, unwind and relax. Thanks to its incredible smell and taste, it can have a soothing effect after a long day and is thought to help increase pathways that help to relax and destress the mind and body.

3. Rich With Antioxidants

Ginger root is thought to be rich in antioxidants which help the entire body process and run more efficiently. Additionally our Ginger Shot has powerful antioxidants from natural substances like lemon juice and cayenne that combine in powerful ways to help you through your day.

4. Helps to Counter Nausea

Ginger is also thought to help with bouts of nausea by settling the stomach and soothing discomfort. Ginger has actually been used throughout history for medicinal purposes and one of them as an antiemetic – a substance that helps prevent vomiting.

5. It’s Convenient

A Ginger Shot provides the highest quality of cold pressed ginger and lemon juice and is convenient for your life. Your health journey is uniquely yours so finding ways of making your health improve your life and not detract from it is key. Being able to have a powerful tool like our Ginger Shot will do just this and empower your weekly rhythms and schedule by fortifying your stomach and prompting wellness no matter where you go.