Why Should You Use a Foot Rest for Thigh Pain?

The current work hustle demands that we stay immovable in front of computer screens for hours. While you sit in a single posture for multiple hours, several days a week, you can develop immense pain in your feet and thighs. A possible solution is getting a lower body massage or taking medical help when the situation is out of control.

What if you wanted to reduce or avoid all this discomfort in the first place?

Fortunately, there’s a great product that relieves you from the numbness in your feet and thighs. A foot rest for thigh pain and cramps will provide you with a new sense of comfort like never before, improving blood circulation and putting less stress on your lower body during work sessions.

It is essentially a cushion-like structure that is placed on the bottom of your desk or feet. Let’s understand in detail what a foot rest is all about.

Why Is Foot Rest A Necessity?

Foot rests support keeping your thighs and feet in the most suitable ergonomic position, resulting in lower fatigue and pain levels.

When you first design a workspace you try to make sure that you are ergonomically positioned. Our initial instinct is to adjust the chair height to meet the desk where your elbows are placed slightly above the desk level.

Several people achieve this position by cutting off the flat contact of the feet with the ground. Eventually, this leads to a lot of blood circulation complications in your thighs and feet. You constantly feel cramped, and the pain aggravates with time.

How Does A Foot Rest Work?

A foot rest allows you to comfortably switch from a hard floor to cushiony supports for your feet. It improves the flow of blood through your feet, thighs, pelvic areas, and your back, and ultimately results in a more comfortable seating position.

It prevents your legs from hanging in unhealthy ways and reduces stiffness. Your feet and thighs are automatically prevented from being cramped.

The basic science is that a foot rest pillow encourages you to slightly shift your body weight as you work. On using one, you’re very unlikely to sit stationary for a prolonged period –  resulting in enhanced blood circulation and heightened energy levels.

Studies state that individuals should work on their posture, and constantly try to sit up and sit down along with the use of a foot rest.

Why Use A Foot Rest For Thigh Issues?

Now that we understand the basics behind how a foot rest works, let’s see how it helps reduce thigh pain:

Blood Circulation Is Enhanced

Foot rests are meant to improve blood circulation. Your feet and thighs are subjected to a neutral seating position. With advancing technology, certain foot rests have a ‘rocking’ feature. This feature assists the necessary movement of your feet while you work in front of a desk.

This ultimately reduces pressure in your lower body, preventing blood clots that can cause deep vein thrombosis, swelling, and varicose veins.

Helps In Maintaining Good Posture

Cramps are primarily the result of unhealthy posture. When a foot rest is placed, your body automatically shifts to having a balanced movement.

You find yourself up and erect, trying to maintain an ideal sitting position. With time, this posture will drive away all soreness in your thighs.

Added Comfort And Productivity

A foot rest is an open door to comfort and support. Your feet and thighs are soothed. You no longer have to keep awkwardly moving them. Thus, a foot rest provides comfort better than a carpet or tiled floor.

When your entire body is well-rested, the energy levels are automatically higher. You end up getting more work done when you are less fatigued.

What Features Should An Ideal Foot Rest Incorporate?

Height And Angle Adjustability

A single foot rest should be able to cater to different height ranges and angle inclinations. It should facilitate at least 2-5 inches of height alterations. You should be able to tilt the footrest from an inclination of 0-35 degrees.

Allowing Swift Movement

A foot rest should have an adequate surface area to mount both your feet. You should be able to stretch your calves comfortably to allow mobility in your feet. Certain foot rests have a rotating feature that accelerates the movement process.


Your foot rest must be light in weight to be carried around in your home or office. It should fold well and fit easily in your suitcase for travel purposes.

Final Thoughts

Made out of memory foam, a foot rest pillow is a product of great utility. It accommodates your entire feet and prevents them from being kept in uncomfortable positions – an inexpensive solution that helps prevent serious lower-body damage over time.

So why procrastinate? Go get a foot rest now and bid goodbye to sore thighs and foot cramps forever!