7 Quirky Catering Ideas For Corporate Events

Corporate events are no longer the stuffy, overly-formal affairs they once were. Nowadays, you can get away with thinking outside the box when it comes to serving your guests.

The modern-day executive is usually very health-conscious but with an adventurous palate that’s driven by a love for experimentation and consuming food that caters to high-quality standards.

Read on for mouthwatering catering ideas that are sure to spark the imagination and have people talking about your event for days after.

1. Branded Cuisine

Thanks to the creativity of modern-day food cart chefs and baristas, you can personalize pretty much any type of food or beverage. Branded cuisine is a great way to make a first impression with your guests and it’ll leave a memorable mark in the imagination.

With a talented barista by your side, you can set up a fun coffee food cart from Woofys corporate catering, and serve latte art with your company’s logo and signage on it. You can do the same thing with foamy beer and soup.

You could even hire a branding company to create customized food stamps to help create branded croissants, bagels, pancakes, sandwiches, etc.

2. High Tea

A daytime event offers a unique opportunity to serve a cornucopia of Insta-worthy sandwich choices that would entice even the most well-traveled tastebuds. Ditch the old-fashioned white bread slice for sexier options like sourdough and rye.

Some of our favorite fillings include Mexican BLT and chipotle avocado mayo topped with fiery roasted shrimp. In our experience, guests will always come for seconds whenever avocado is served, and there’s so much you can do when pairing this ingredient with bread.

You’ll definitely be popular with the Banting and Atkins crowd if you substitute the bread for mushroom, pickles or brinjals.

Instead of the old-fashioned Earl Grey or Chai, why not serve your snazzy sandwiches with a helping of lemon drizzle? As for dessert, we can think of nothing more delectable than a Victoria sponge.

3. A big bowl of deliciousness

Whether you like your Buddha bowl sweet or savory, there’s no denying that this food trend is here to stay. The great thing about bowl food is that it allows you to offer healthy helpings of different types of cuisine and experiment with different flavors and textures.

Most bowl food comes in palm-sized dishes, which makes it ideal for corporate events where the focus is on mingling and moving around the room instead of sitting at a table to eat.

Aside from the usual Continental breakfast, opt for a sweet Buddha bowl with superfood ingredients like acai berry, bananas, and coconut milk topped with blueberries, goji berries, different nuts, and seeds, etc. You could also opt for a savory Buddha bowl with a selection of leafy greens, topped with avocadoes, tomatoes, sliced peppers, and poached eggs.

4. BBQ Style

Alfresco dining is always a good idea, especially if you’re hosting the event somewhere pretty like Melbourne or Sydney. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for meats that take forever to marinate, as modern executives are known to prefer seafood options.

Not only is it quick and easy to prepare, but fish is a well-known brain food packed with omega 3 fatty acids.

Try Jamie Oliver’s famous barbecued trout recipe or keep it simple with shrimp on a stick. Of course, you should diversify your barbecue with exciting options like halloumi and tzatziki or kebabs.

5. Asian Fusion

You don’t have to be a 5-star chef or foodie to prepare an Asian-inspired feast for your event. Draw inspiration from Asian culture with popular street food dishes like chicken tikka masala and bhaji bites.

6. Mix It Up

Paella is another great dish for corporate events because you can serve a whole group of people from a single pot. Plus, you can never go wrong with the flavor and texture combinations it offers, not to mention how accessible the ingredients are.

All you need is some risotto rice, a seafood mix, chorizo sausage, and herbs and spices. Don’t forget to sprinkle in a helping of lemon and lime for a fresh and zesty finish.

7. Picnic

If you’re going to host an outdoor event in the middle of summer, you might as well make it a picnic affair. Prepare cute little wicker picnic baskets for your guests, complete with Danish pastries, cafetiere and mini blankets for each attendee.

Not only will this add a laid-back vibe to your event, but it’ll spark conversation and get the creative juices flowing.