Benefits of Climate-Friendly Food

Any time you consider changing your diet or any other habits, you want to know that you’re doing it for a good reason. You want to know that what you’re doing will make a difference and not be another fad that fades out within a few years.

Giving up the things you love and have grown used to isn’t always easy, but sometimes it is necessary, and it can have real, long-lasting benefits. So, if a climate-friendly diet is something that you’ve been considering or practicing for a while, rest assured, there are plenty of real benefits to the choices you’ve been making.

The Environment

One of the most important benefits of eating climate-friendly food is to better the environment. These foods are considered “climate-friendly” because they are grown and packaged in ways that don’t contribute to climate change. Slowing the process of global warming starts first with the way humans consume things.

When we consume things in smaller quantities, there is less of a need for factories that emit harmful pollutants into the air. When we consume packaged foods responsibly, meaning they don’t use packaging materials that aren’t biodegradable (plastic, styrofoam, etc.), we keep the Earth from being polluted therefore changing the chemical makeup of nature.

Even some of the equipment used to store certain foods can be harmful. Some of the big refrigerators you see in grocery stores and restaurants use toxic chemicals as coolants that can leak, and there is no safe way to dispose of them. Every one of us should be doing our part to protect the Earth. It is, after all, the only planet we have to live on.

Your Personal Health

Climate-friendly foods are often foods that are good for our health. Organic fruits and vegetables, meat, and dairy are raised on small, local farms instead of larger commercial farms that use greenhouses and harmful chemicals to make their animals gain weight quickly, yielding more meat.

If you haven’t already started eating climate-friendly and organic foods, you will be truly amazed at the difference you will notice in the way you feel once all the chemicals and preservatives have been purged from your body. When it comes to the benefits of eating healthier foods, the first thing most of us think of is weight loss. More nutritious, organic foods are more manageable for our bodies to break down and metabolize. They typically contain fewer calories and more meaningful nutrients. However, weight loss is just one of the health benefits that come from implementing a climate-friendly diet.


Issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and migraines are all things that can be eased or, in some cases, eliminated. Living with chronic health issues can also have a severe impact on your mental health. Pain and discomfort can stop us from enjoying things we desperately want to be able to enjoy. Spending each day and basing almost all of our choices on something we can’t control, and don’t like, can be a thief of joy. We all deserve to be happy and healthy in every way.

Saving Money

Though some people believe that organic foods are more expensive than other foods, that is not always the case. Sometimes we can find organic, climate-friendly foods at low prices. If you buy a dozen tomatoes from a local farmer, you are likely to pay only a third of the cost compared to a supermarket. You can also expect to save money on medical bills. Even if you aren’t currently struggling with any health issues, starting a healthy diet early on can prevent you from developing problems later on, which may cost you a fortune in medical bills and prescriptions.

There is almost no end to the list of benefits of choosing climate-friendly foods. Think about your planet, your body, and your wallet. They’re all depending on you to make good choices.