Chocolate Ice Latte Recipe

On any given day, Coffee is an acceptable drink. And in the summer, a cup of chocolate iced latte could really hit the spot and provide relief from the heat. Whether you simply want to try out a new recipe or cannot make it to your favorite coffee shop, this article focuses on Chocolate Iced Latte Recipe. You can also check Great Coffee Brewers for your coffee machines.

How To Make Chocolate Iced Latte.

For this cool drink, a lot of people prefer instant coffee especially if they would be making it at home. You could use instant coffee and you could always use home-brewed espresso as well.

For the Chocolate iced latte recipe, you would need;

(Using Instant Coffee)

Two tablespoons of instant coffee

Two large tablespoons of water

Four tablespoons of chocolate syrup

One and a half cup of cold milk

two tablespoons of sugar/ four cube of sugar

Eight ice cubes

Once you have all of your ingredients ready, the first thing to do is to mix your instant coffee in hot water and then set it aside to cool.

The next step is to mix the sugar, milk, coffee, and four ice cubes, preferably in an electric mixer or blender. The purpose of this is to get enough froth, so be generous and let it blitz well,

Get your glasses and pour some chocolate syrup at the bottom, add ice in it, and then share the mixture into two parts.

For garnishing, you can let your imagination take control. There is no rule against using vanilla syrup, shaved chocolate, or even ice cream.

The above recipe is for only two servings.

(Using Brewed Coffee)

Brewed coffee for a chocolate iced latte guarantees a stronger flavor, especially if you do not want to lose the taste of coffee to the chocolate. The [preparation time for this recipe below is about twenty minutes.

The main ingredients you would need are-

A full glass of ice

Half a cup of brewed coffee

Two tablespoons of white sugar or four cubes

Chocolate syrup

Half a cup of milk

Whipped cream

Cinnamon to taste.

To begin, first, brew your coffee. Doesn’t matter the brand it is, for best results and a stronger flavor, brew the coffee twice. Where that isn’t possible, you could always mix this with instant coffee

The next thing to do is to set apart half a cup of brewed coffee, add the sugar, chocolate syrup, and milk to the coffee. Stir this well. If possible, use a blender before pouring it into the cup.

Once done, get a tall glass, pour in the mixture, garnish with whipped cream and sprinkle cinnamon all over ire

For extra taste and flavor, you could always add coffee liquor and as for the garnishing, there are no rules either. Indulge yourself in the goodness of Chocolate Iced Latte.


Chocolate Iced Latte is a drink you can enjoy anytime any day. Now that you do know the recipe, you could try any one of them out yourself whenever the craving pops up.