Do you enjoy a coffee after your dinner?

There are hundreds of millions of people all around the world that drink coffee. For some it is as important as oxygen, and the day cannot start unless a cup of coffee has been consumed. For others it is something that is drunk when socializing with family or friends.

There are no rules on how and when to drink coffee. If you want one, you have one. It’s as simple as that. Of course, we are all aware that too much coffee, or even tea for that matter, is not good for you, so as long as your intake is moderate, then you shouldn’t really have anything to worry about.

For those people who lead a busy life ordering coffee is the quickest option rather than trying to brew it at home. Lots of stores and online companies can supply everything from coffee and tea to water, so you will never run out of bottles or supplies.

Most people will associate drinking coffee with something you do in the mornings to start your day. However, there are lots of people around the world who also enjoy a coffee after they’ve eaten a meal. There are a number of reasons why an after dinner coffee is popular, and there are actually a few health benefits in doing so.

A pick-me-up after eating

A lot of people will often feel tired or even sleepy after they have eaten their main meal of the day. This is because of blood sugar levels. There are times when a lot of the food that we eat is high in sugar such as condiments like ketchup or BBQ sauce, yogurts and bread.

Depending on exactly what we eat, the foods that are high in sugar can often lead to one being a little lethargic after eating. This is due to the process of homeostasis, which is when our body attempts to digest the food we have just eaten.

Though this is something that can be combated by including more vegetables with your main meal, a lot of people will instead choose to have a coffee after they’ve finished eating.

It’s a family thing

A lot of times when we eat at family gatherings, the actual meal is just one part of the event. In addition to the pre-meal routine of chatting, laughing and catching up with each other, the post meal part of the gathering will usually involve coffee or tea being served and drunk together.

Sometimes if you have been drinking an alcoholic beverage such as wine with your meals which is very normal during such gatherings, then you might want to perk yourself up afterwards with a hot coffee.

It’s a culture thing

As well as being something that families will often partake in, the drinking of coffee after your main meal is also sometimes a cultural thing. Different cultures enjoy their coffee in different ways, and sometimes this involves sharing a cup of your favorite coffee bean around the dinner table.

The type of coffee you drink at different times during the day can also be influenced by culture and traditions. For example, it would be strange to drink a black coffee with cognac first thing in the morning, but for French people, this is the perfect type of coffee to enjoy after a meal, though obviously not after breakfast.

Helping to speed up nature’s calling

Some people, especially those who are over a certain age or overweight, will sometimes suffer from constipation. A lot of people will drink a cup of coffee after a meal simply to help with the digestion process. Caffeine is known to help your intestine muscles to work a little more than usual, which in turn can help with the act of needing the bathroom.

In addition to help digestion, other people prefer to have the food they have consumed pass through their system a little quicker than usual, as they believe that the longer the food remains inside the intestines, the more weight can be gained. By helping the food pass through your system, less calories will be absorbed by the body.

With regards to keeping an eye on your weight, many people will actually drink coffee as it can assist in suppressing one’s appetite and also aid your metabolism. However, this all depends on the type of coffee that you actually plan to drink.

If you have a simple black or filter coffee, then this is fine. Nevertheless, if you have one that is packed with sugar and covered in fresh whipped cream, then the concept of drinking it to help manage your weight will go right out of the window.  This has got an awesome review on the website WiredShopper if you need a coffee maker.

There are many reasons why people love to have a coffee after they have eaten and there are various benefits in doing so. However, it is not something that all coffee drinkers do, and many will limit their intake to just a cup or two each morning.