8 Best Gifts For Men

Let’s face it: Finding the right gift for the man in your life can be challenging and difficult in a time crunch. Whether it’s a romantic partner, coworker, sibling or friend, getting the perfect gift sends a message of care and understanding. If you’re on the fence about what to get that person this holiday season, here are eight gifts they’ll love.

1. Fitness Tracker

With the new year upon us, many men have begun to reconsider their dietary choices and their gym routine. Gifting a fitness tracker will make their lives more efficient as they can track health metrics such as heart rate, calories burned and steps taken in real-time. These devices are comfortable to wear and can withstand the elements from running outside, diving into a pool or getting dinged in the gym!

2. A Book of ‘Dad’ Jokes

As any dad knows, telling a corny joke during an inappropriate time is the cornerstone of being a good father. While we may crack a laugh at our dad’s lame jokes, perhaps it’s time to help him step up his game with a fun and interesting ‘dad-joke’ book!

3. An Electric Screwdriver

Men love to get out and tinker on random projects and fix things around their homes during their time off from work. However, the downside of this activity is finding the right tool for the job in question. This holiday season, consider giving them an electric screwdriver to help them during their time of need. These devices are specifically crafted to help alleviate the trials and tribulations that often spring up during manual labor.

4. Gel Blasters from TacToys

Men love getting onto the range and tactically taking over their opponents with a head-on competition! Getting a high-quality gel blaster this holiday season will help them win their games and look sleek and tactical while they do it. These blasters are beautifully designed, fully operational and manageable on any budget.

Moreover, they can use the website as a means of restocking their gel-ball supply and making modifications to their device. And if that weren’t enough, they have an extensive array of gear and equipment that will make their outing that much more special and fun.

5. Beer Subscription

With the new mandate surrounding the global pandemic, going for a drink with the mates after work has become challenging. Knowing this, giving a subscription to a beer club allows the man in your life to enjoy new and upcoming beers from the comfort of their own home. Simply sign up for a subscription, pick their taste and have delicious beer delivered to their doorstep.

6. All-In-One Shaving System

If there’s one thing that ties up a man’s schedule, it’s shaving regularly. Depending on how a man wears his facial hair, shaving and manscaping can take between 20-minutes to over an hour! With an all-in-one system from Braun, they can cut down this time and spend their hours doing things that they truly enjoy.

7. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

One of the areas that men struggle with the most is taking care of themselves and making the right choices about their hydration intake; With this in mind, gifting a self-cleaning water bottle this holiday season will encourage that person to take hydration seriously. And let’s be honest with ourselves: One of the things that most people hate doing is cleaning their water bottle after a day of usage.

8. A Custom Tie

For men, having an elegant and clean tie is paramount for special occasions. Who knows when they’ll need to head to a wedding, go for a job interview or look nice when taking someone out for a date. By giving that person a custom tie, you can incorporate specialized imagery and designs that they’ll love for years to come. This holiday season, consider giving them a tie that they’ll want to wear over and over.

As you can see, there are a myriad of thoughtful gifts for the 2020 holiday season. Use the ideas above to make the man in your life’s day go a little bit smoother in the upcoming weeks!

9.  Happy Father’s Day flowers

Outdoorsy, jokey, reliable are just a few descriptions for a dad. Picturing your own father with nice words is not enough to express endearment.
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