Best City Bags for Women

The bag is the most important complement in the feminine outfit, since it perfectly complements the clothes and shoes. Like it allows us to transport personal items.

One of the hottest trends of recent seasons is the ubiquitous street style that fits in perfectly with the fast pace of life in big cities. The modern woman puts practicality first, which, without a doubt, cannot be denied to urban bags.

When choosing a bag, we have to be clear that it cannot be just anyone. You have to look at design, style and especially quality. In Little Istanbul Giftsyou can findbranded the Best Kilim Bags Online, since they are always an excellent option. Furthermore, check which models are an absolute must-have for a modern woman.

Small Handbags

Although it may seem that the handbags are quite small in design, the XXL versions have been very popular in recent years. In your wardrobe, it is worth having not only an elegant model that will combine with formal and cocktail dresses for important occasions. Small urban style women’s bag, it is a very practical accessory that can also be useful on a day-to-day basis.

When walking, shopping at a mall, or meeting friends at a cafe, you don’t always need a large purse or even a medium-sized messenger bag. Handbags don’t take up a lot of space, so you can easily store them on your lap. In addition, these models do not restrict movement, especially if you choose a version with a belt or thong. A small bag easily fits into a phone, keys, and wallet.

Spacious Buyers

Large street style bags have been breaking popularity records for years and have become a permanent part of many women’s everyday wardrobes. Spacious women’s shoulder bags you can take with you not only for shopping, but even for work. All you need to do is choose a slightly fancier model, which can fit a smaller laptop and an A4 document folder. Many women choose buyers even during social gatherings.

This bag is incredibly practical, especially for women who like to have a little more thing with them. In the case of a shopper, there is no need to wonder if there is enough room for a scarf, a favorite book, a pack of tissues or hand cream. In addition, many models are divided into compartments and have additional pockets, which makes it much easier to avoid a clutter inside a women’s bag and shorten the time of searching for keys or a phone.

Timeless Wallets

It is difficult to find a more urban model than a classic shoulder bag. The name of the bag refers to its shape, which closely resembles a traditional postman’s bag. The medium-sized half-round bags are among the most popular models in the Little Istanbul Gifts online store. It’s no wonder because the size of the wallet fits perfectly in most situations. They can be worn both with dresses and with very casual outfits.

You can put many of the most necessary trinkets in a messenger bag, but due to its medium size you cannot pack too many things. In this way, the bag is always quite light, but at the same time you can have more useful items on hand than with a handbag. A postman bag slung over your shoulder is sure to come in handy on urban commutes, when you often need your hands free.

3 Simple Tips to Understand

  • If you are looking for a bag for a day of shopping or for the day to day, a medium casual bag cannot be missing in the wardrobe. It is spacious, comfortable, light and will give a formal touch to your look.
  • Or if you want something more original, there is a Guess backpack that will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd. It has a modern and very special design; it is ideal for going out with friends or going for a walk.
  • For a more classic and sophisticated look, the bag with handles ideal for the office, a meeting or to give a touch of glamor to your look is fantastic. It also has many internal compartments so it is very convenient to organize personal items.
  • And if what you want is to give your outfit a chicer touch, a bag of any striking color will be the most successful and more at this time of year that begins to turn gray and you have to add a touch of color to our outfits.